52 Weeks of Color for Quilters

Coming Tuesday May 5th 2015 I'm starting a new series on Color for Quilters. I love color and after many years of teaching art I'd love to share what I know and have some fun exploring color.

My plan is a new color fact each Tuesday for a year and a quilt block from 500 Quilt Blocks By Lynne Goldsworthy and Kerry Green each week illustrating the new colors and how they work together. I've got books on color to review and color tools to help you and maybe even a few giveaways here and there.

You'll be able to find a link to each week right here. I'm excited to see you back here in a couple weeks to get started.

Week 1 :: The color Wheel and Primary Colors.

Week 2 :: Secondary Colors.

Week 3 :: Tertiary Colors

Week 4 :: Warm Colors

Week 5 :: Cool Colors

Week 6 :: Analogous Colors

Week 7 :: Complementary Colors

Week 8 :: Tertiary Complements

Week 9 :: Neutral Colors Group 1

Week 10 :: Neutral Colors Group 2

Week 11 :: Tints

Week 12 :: Tones

Week 13 :: Shades

Week 14 :: Monochromatic

Week 15 :: Split Complement (1)

Week 16 :: Split Complement (2)

Week 17 :: Split Complements (3)

Week 18 :: Split Complements (4)

Week 19 :: Split Complements (5)

Week 20 :: Split Complements (6)

Week 21 :: Split Complements (7)

Week 22 :: Split Complements (8)


  1. I just found your site from your Instagram account. Thanks for sharing!

  2. 52 weeks is really helping me with color. Thank you

  3. Just found your color wheel lessons! I love them! I even went back to older posts to look at them! Thank you for sharing all of your art knowledge! I like how you show the color wheel and the fabric in solids with the color wheel then make a quilt block in solids. Then you introduce patterned fabric to show us the point in the lesson. Can you make this into a book? I love art, art history, new mediums, I know my painters, etc but the color wheel has always been a challenge! Thank you!!!!!


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