Friday, September 11, 2015

Finish It Up Friday :: C+S Dress

Happy Friday everyone! I feel like I've been finishing things all summer but I haven't shared too much on Fridays because so many things were for swaps or blog hops or something. But this, this I made for love and I really truly do LOVE how it turned out. My child had been asking for a dress and I was kind of putting her off because I'm not really a garment sew-er. But she REALLY wanted it and you know how that goes.

So I picked a pattern without any zippers or buttonholes (go ahead and laugh). I actually gave her a choice of pink c+s and the pink mustangs or this c+s combination and she shocked me by choosing these! But it was a win either way ;-) So I pre-washed my fabrics and got to work. I made a size 6 which I though would be a bit big and it is but not overly much - I think she'll be able to grow into it and eventually wear leggings under it. The only thing I did differently than the pattern instructions was to make the side seams into french seams so the edges would be finished without serging.

I'm happy to report it was a complete success! She wore it all day and asked to wear it again today. So it turns out I might be a garment sew-er after all ;-)

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  1. absolutely adorable! and the dress is pretty cute, too. ;)

  2. What a joy to have a sweet little girl to sew for! She and the dress are adorable!

  3. Such a pretty little dress and I'm impressed that your little girl chose her own fabrics. Now you know sewing such a garment is not so difficult, you will be able to whip up another couple in no time at all! And the pattern would be great for a winter pinafore in heavier fabric, worn with a woolly jumper and leggings

  4. It's so cute, and how nice that she loves it - makes the whole thing quite satisfying, doesn't it?


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