Tuesday, August 4, 2015

52 Weeks of Color for Quilters :: Week 14 Monochromatic

Well hello there! Another week, another set of colors to talk about - I love it. So this week we're looking at a Monochromatic block. Monochromatic literally means "one color" so this should be a pretty easy concept, a Monochromatic color scheme is one that uses just ONE color plus black and white.

So that means you can use all the tints, tones and shades we've been looking at the past few weeks too. I kept this block simple to show the gradation in color and value that you can use with a Monochromatic color scheme. White on the far left, tints, the pure green in the middle, a tone, a shade and finally black on the far left. It might seem limiting but I think you can actually create a lot of contrast and excitement within a limited color scheme like this one - the different values are the key to both of those.

The Kona cotton colors I used this week are:
- White
- Mint
- Cabbage
- Clover
- Leprechaun
- Pesto
- Black

I'll be on vacation next week but I'll meet you back here Tuesday August 18th to start Split Triads. Thanks for stopping by!

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