Tuesday, July 28, 2015

52 Weeks of Color for Quilters :: Week 13 Shades

Hi everyone! Here is our last block for Tints,Tones and Shades. All three of these blocks have had to do with Value, which is how light or dark a color is. Tints are the lightest values, Tones are the mid values and Shades are the darkest values. Value is important because you can use it to create variety, contrast and interest in your blocks and quilts!

Shades are created by mixing any color with black. More black gives you darker shades, a little black gives you somewhat lighter shades but they're all dark.

The shades are shown here under the pure colors to show the difference. The Kona cotton colors I used for this week's shade block are (starting with red and going around the color wheel clockwise):

- Brick
- Paprika
- Spice
- Gold
- Curry
- Avocado
- Pesto
- Glacier
- Prussian
- Regal
- Midnight
- Burgandy

All three blocks together show the progression from lightest to darkest.

And finally, it's been THIRTEEN weeks! We're a quarter of the way through and I didn't let my lack of a design wall stop me from laying out all my blocks so far to check my progress! I'm loving this riot of color and I'm really looking forward to continuing this project. Thanks for following along!

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