Monday, June 22, 2015

Mini Quilt Monday :: Cotton + Steel Mini

Another Monday, another mini - I feel like this has been the summer of the mini quilt around here.
This is the mini I made for the Cotton + Steel Mini Quilt swap on IG.

My partner was actually a friend in my local MQG and I was really stressing out over what to make her. I don't know why it's so much harder when it's someone you know but it was!

So I hemmed and hawed and thought through about a million different possibilities but in the end I cam back to my original idea - isn't it funny how your gut instinct so often turns out to be the one you go with? This is the Sapphire Mini from Canoe Ridge Creations Fresh Mini Quilt Club (February 2015). It finishes at a large 28"x28" but it's so striking - I love it.

The background fabric is Netorious - the white on white print - so it's basically invisible in the photos. I used some straight line quilting to create a frame that echoed and complimented the center shapes and I was really happy with the effect. Thankfully my partner liked it as much as I did!

Got a mini quilt you'd like to show off? Link-up below and thanks for stopping by!


  1. Your C&S mini is beautiful - thought I'd link mine up too:)

  2. I love this one. And look! I actually had something to link. ;)


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