Tuesday, June 9, 2015

52 Weeks of Color for Quilters :: Week 6 Analogous Colors

Welcome to another week of color fun! This week we're talking about Analogous Colors. Analogous Colors are any set of colors that are adjacent (or continuous) on the color wheel. In other words these are like the "Connect 4" of the color wheel. You start with any color and as long as you can go from the first color in your set to the last without skipping a color you have a set of Analogous Colors. The Warm and Cool color sets we looked at in the past two weeks were Analogous as well as warm and cool. This week I have not one but THREE examples for you because I am having so much fun making these!

For this set of Analogous Colors I started with Blue and then added blue-green, green, yellow-green, yellow and yellow-orange.

I love the mix of warm and cool and the pop that the yellow-orange brings to the party.

My next Analogous set started with red and then moved to red-orange, orange, yellow-orange, yellow and yellow-green.

A pretty classic citrusy palette.

Finally I started with blue-violet for this set and moved through violet, red-violet, red, red-orange and orange.

This feels like a gorgeous sunset palette to me. I used six colors in each of my analogous sets but you could use three, four, five, seven - it's completely up to you - they just all have to be connected on the color wheel. The blocks I used for this week are the same as the last two weeks - rail fence made with 2.5" strips.

The Kona colors I used for these sets are:

Red - Cardinal                                            Green - Clover
Red-Orange - Flame Red                            Blue-Green - Jade Green
Orange - Kumquat                                      Blue - Royal
Yellow-Orange - Papaya                            Blue-violet - Deep Blue
Yellow - Citrus                                           Violet - Tulip Purple
Yellow-Green - Chartreuse                         Red-Violet - Bordeaux

I'm starting to get really excited to see all these blocks together! Thanks for stopping by and hope to see you back here next week.

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