Tuesday, May 12, 2015

52 Weeks of Color for Quilters :: Week 2 Secondary Colors

Welcome to week 2! This week is all about Secondary Colors - orange, violet (purple) and green. You may have had the pleasure of mixing colors in an art class at one point or another (or at home if you're adventurous) and had the fun experience of creating completely "new" colors.

This was always one of my favorite lessons with the kindergarteners who were amazed that red and yellow could mix and create ORANGE. It was MAGIC. Or they felt like it anyway ;-) So above I've shown the primary colors that you mix to get the secondary colors. This may seem basic to some and new to others but it's an important foundation to build on as we start getting into more complicated color relationships down the road. In theory Secondary Colors are mixed from equal parts of two Primary Colors.

Block details: this is another version of the Flying Geese block on page 96 of 500 Quilt Blocks - I reversed the colors in two of each FG units and rearranged them for a different look than last week's block. I can't wait to see all these colorful blocks together!

The Kona solids I used for my Secondary Colors are: Kumquat (orange), Clover (green) and Tulip Purple. I cut my Kona card up and matched the little swatches as exactly as I could to my color wheel. I highly recommend cutting a card up because it allows you to move the colors around and see how they look right next to each other which is incredibly informative.

Next week's topic will be Tertiary Colors hope to see you back here then!

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