Tuesday, May 26, 2015

52 Weeks of Color for Quilters :: Week 4 Warm Colors

Welcome back! Hope everyone had a nice weekend! We're on week 4 this week and here's where I wanted to say that color is a subject that's non linear - meaning we could start talking about one of several color concepts from this point and there's no right or wrong way. I'm choosing the path that makes the most sense to me but you may have heard or read these concepts in a different order somewhere else and that's fine too! There is a LOT more info to cover and I'm going slow so that everyone has time to process it. If something seems confusing or you just have a question please don't hesitate to email me!

So this week lets talk about color temperature. Did you know colors have temperatures? This week we're looking at Warm Colors. These are colors that advance in a composition or might even be called "aggressive" colors (which mad me laugh to read). They're colors associated with fire or the sun. They're usually the colors that POP.

Warm Colors have red or yellow as their base and they include red-violet, red, red-orange, orange, yellow-orange and yellow. You can draw a line right down the middle of the color wheel and warm colors will be on one side an cool on the other. The Kona colors I used for these warm colors are (in order as shown in photo above): Bordeaux, Cardinal, Flame Red, Kumquat, Papaya and Citrus.

The block I made this week was a variation of the basket weave block on pg. 33 of 500 Quilt Blocks - the block shown in the book is 6'" and I wanted mine to be 12" so I increased the width of the strips to 2.5" and cut them in 15" lengths.

I love using Kona to illustrate the color concept but I thought it would also be nice to pull some fabrics from my stash to illustrate Warm Colors - it's a fun exercise to try with your own stash!

Why a color wheel helps: I pulled these scissors for my yellow color but when I checked them against the color wheel I could see that they are really more yellow orange! Also did you know that the human mind has no specific color memory? It's true! That's why it's almost impossible to match colors without a swatch or sample to reference.

Thanks for stopping by - see you next week for Cool Colors.


  1. Again, very interesting. I'm going to give your series a shout-out in my upcoming newsletter...


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