Monday, April 27, 2015

Mini Quilt Monday :: Color Blocks and a Giveaway!

Welcome to another Mini Quilt Monday! This week I have this mini inspired by Denyse Schmidt's Big Charming pattern - I guess this is a Little Charming - teehee. I used 2.5" squares and just placed the colors randomly. White borders and a little straight line stitching complete this mini. It measures 15.5"x19" and is bound in Navy Kona which is quickly becoming a new favorite neutral of mine.

The best part about this mini? You could win it! I'm starting a Mini Quilt Monday link-up next Monday 5/4/15 and I'd love some help getting the word out. It seems like there are SO many good mini swaps going on and it would be nice to have one place to see them ALL. I also hear from people all the time that aren't on Instagram that like seeing mini's too.

So I'm giving this mini away as a thank you for helping me spread the word to start sharing your mini quilts (pillows, mug rugs - I'm happy to have all the small pretties) right here starting next Monday! Share this info somewhere, anywhere (on your blog, IG, twitter, fb - really anywhere) and let me know that you did right here in the comments and you'll be entered to win. I'll  announce the winner next Monday.

Thanks for the help and looking forward to seeing you back here next week!

5/4/15: comments closed - thanks to all who helped spread the word :-)

Thursday, April 23, 2015

Hour Basket :: Charm Square Version

I've been having so much fun with Kelly's Hour Basket pattern lately - it goes together so quickly and it's fun to change the sizes up and see what different looks/uses you can get out of it. I tried a small one today and it turned out to be the perfect size to hold 5" charm squares!

The measurements I used are shown above. I used Fusible Fleece on the exterior pieces and Shape Flex on the interior ones. I always cut my interfacing 1/2" smaller than the fabric to reduce bulk in the seams - just my preference!

I sewed the sides and bottom with a 1/4" seam allowance but 1/2" on the top (just to make sure the handles were secure. I tried 5/8" grosgrain ribbon for handles  cut 8" long and I like the look but the are a little floppier than the webbing.

Another fun use of this great pattern and I'm sure not the last version I'll be trying :-)

Monday, April 20, 2015

Mini Quilt Monday ::

Another Monday, another mini quilt :-) This is the second mini I made for the Color of the Year Swap. I just couldn't decide which one I liked better so I made both. I showed my first one two weeks ago and I'm thrilled to report that my partner loved it. Meanwhile I loved this one so much I finished it too! I'm also trying to get in the habit of finishing things instead of letting them languish in piles.

This is the February 2015 pattern from the Fresh Mini Quilt Club. I wanted to incorporate the color of the year (Marsala) but I also wanted some contrast which is where the turquoise came in. I love the graphic impact of this one. One note about the pattern: it calls for 1/2 yard of background fabric but if you are using a print for the background instead of a Kona solid you may find (like I did) that you need at least another 11" of fabric length so if you're planning on a print for the background I'd buy a full yard!

I quilted the accent lines with Aurfil 12wt and I absolutely love the texture it added. In person you can definitely tell a difference between it and the regular weight thread. I sew on a Juki and used a topstitch needle (wider thread hole) and my normal thread in my bobbin.

This is a big mini finishing at 30" square - I'm almost hesitant to call it a mini at that size! And I think the back is as fun as the front once you can see the quilting done. Very happy with this one!

You might notice I made some updates around here with the help of my technical wizard husband (to whom I am eternally grateful). I've added a navigation bar at the the top to make things easier to find and I'll be refining things as I go.

I'm starting a Mini Quilt Monday Linkup two weeks from today (Monday 5/4/2015) so get those minis ready to share and come back next week for a fun giveaway to help get the word out.

As always thanks for stopping by!

Monday, April 13, 2015

Mini Quilt Monday :: Swaps

I feel a little silly saying "Happy Monday" it's not quite the same as Friday is it? It's more like "welcome to another week of laundry, dishes, school and work" which somehow doesn't seem as fun.
But I do have gorgeous mini quilts to add some color to our day, so yay for that.

I've been in several mini swaps lately that were all done through IG and I wanted to share here too since I know not everyone is on Ig - if you're already seen these it hope it won't be too tough to see them again ;-)

This first beauty was an actual in person swap done through our local modern quilt guild - after commenting on a mini like this that Rachel was making for someone else she offered to make me one and not being one to look a gift horse in the mouth I said YES. But I offered to make her one too and so our swap was born. Look at all those teeny tiny pieces - amazing. And the quilting adds so much texture and movement without overwhelming the focus design. Super mega mini love.

Made by Rachel ( @marmaladeinstead on IG)

Next up is this bit of eye candy that came from Darci in the 3rd round of the Schnitzel and Boo mini quilt swap on IG. Darci hit it out of the park with this one!

All the AMH paper pieced goodness anyone could ask for and her use of the denim and chambray blew me away. I couldn't love any combination more!

The back was just as fabulous as the front to me! I'm not the only one who loves the backs as much as the fronts am I?

Made by Darci ( @dkbnyny on IG)

Finally THIS! Can you see the clouds part and hear the angels singing?! Because I did when I opened this package all the way from Australia! This was from the Rainbow Mini Quilt swap on IG.

Rebecca chose all these Alison Glass fabrics that just make my heart sing! Seriously so bright and sunny and cheerful, I love looking at it.
I'm actually feeling full of awe and gratitude as I look around my sewing space at all the beauty once strangers made and SHARED with me. I'm clearly the luckiest girl in the world!
Thank you times a million to all these talented makers.

Made by Rebecca ( @2bees on IG)

I'll be back next Monday with another mini of my own but I wanted to take a moment to share all these amazing works of quilty art I received lately.

Also starting a Mini Quilt Monday Link up right here beginning Monday May 4th! 
I think it'll be fun to have a place to find some mini quilt love and inspiration besides Instagram and Flickr, trying to decide whether to do every Monday or every other so if you have a preference let me know in the comments and thank you!

Here's to finding beauty (or making) some beauty in this Monday!
Thanks for stopping by :-)

Friday, April 10, 2015

Finish It Up Friday :: Laura Gunn Four Winds Quilt

Happy Friday! So very glad to have made it to another weekend even if it is pollen filled ;-)
I finished this quilt up this week and I love how well it matches the vibrant colors of the season - our azaleas, the redbud trees, the pink dogwoods - everything seems to be in gorgeous bloom right now.

Laura Gunn was kind enough to send me some of her new Vignette line to play with and I knew immediately I wanted to try the Four Wind Quilts from Fancy Tiger. I loved the graphic look of the large flying geese blocks - turned out I wasn't the only one loving this quilt right now!

The background is Laura's Painter's Canvas fabric in grass and it's bound in Kona Cerise. Vignette comes in two different colorways, Aqua and Orchid and this is the Orchid one. The collection comes with a green Painter's Canvas - Bottle but I used Grass here, I just liked the lighter springier one.

This quilt finishes at 64" square which seems like a great size to snuggle under and was small enough that I had no problem quilting it myself. Still not ready to commit to FMQ-ing something this size but I was really happy with the straight line diamond pattern I used.

One note about the quilt - the pattern uses the no waste method for making the flying geese blocks (which I love) but then doesn't say to trim the flying geese blocks before assembling all the pieces for the top. The corner squares are 16.75" and it works without trimming the flying geese BUT I think the right way would be to trim all the individual FG blocks to 8.5"x16.5" and then use 16.5" squares - just my own opinion. If you make one I'd be curious to hear what you think! Having said this it's a good pattern and I'll definitely be making more of these.

Finally it's backed in a flannel that I had from JoAnn's that turned out to be literally the perfect match as it's blue/green pattern were the exact colors in Laura's fabrics - don't you love when that happens?! And since it was snowing in NY for Easter I don't think it's too late in the year for flannel after all.

Thanks to Laura Gunn for the gorgeous fabric to play with!

Thanks for stopping by - have a great weekend :-)

Monday, April 6, 2015

Mini Quilt Monday :: Color of the Year Swap

Another Monday, another mini!
This is one of the mini quilts that I made for the Color of the Year swap - I made two because I just couldn't make up my mind. I'm sending this one and keeping the other, which I'll share next Monday.

So it or hate it everyone seems to have an opinion.
Personally I love it!

It was the July 2013 quilt called Fireworks - I know she's released some of the patterns individually so you may just be able to buy this one.

I used Kona Sienna in the middle for my Marsala focus, the other fabrics are painter's canvas from Laura Gunn, a Botanics print from Caroline Friedlander and a teal woodgrain print from Joel Dewberry and of course Kona Snow as the background color.
I used a Kona that was slightly darker than the center for the binding just to add a little more contrast.

I quilted inside the Kona Snow background areas, marking first with a hera marker 1/4" inside the shapes. I didn't want to take away from the rich colors or design so I kept the quilting pretty simple but I like the texture it adds without distracting! Since my partner is away for spring break I'm waiting till the end of the week to mail it but it will make a nice addition to her mini collection :-)

Thanks for stopping by and have a great week!

Friday, April 3, 2015

Finish It Up Friday :: Easter Baskets

Happy Friday everyone and happy Easter (or Passover or just weekend ;-)
We (myself and my small design assistant) whipped up some Easter baskets this week.
She chose lining fabrics and I sewed - we're a great team.

They really do sew up in a jiffy and if you're making multiples they take even less than an hour.

I used 1.5" cotton webbing for the handles (super quick and easy). I placed my handles centered on the sides instead of the ends for easier egg gathering. I also shortened the handles to 8".
Because I used two lighter weight cotton fabrics (quilting cotton) my interfacing choice was fusible fleece on both the lining and exterior fabrics. I find using the fleece on all pieces makes for a sturdier basket.

That cute bunny fabric? A cotton tablecloth from Target for the win!

Thanks for stopping by!

Wednesday, April 1, 2015

WIP Wednesday :: Market Fish

It's that time again and I'm sewing some market samples for Blend Fabrics and these fish are too cute not to share! The original pattern can be found here on etsy but I wanted to share some modifications and tips to make them a little easier. You can see I made my fish template a bit bigger than the original pattern above. I also use cardboard to make the template because I always have cereal boxes and never have template plastic! Also way more cost effective ;-)

Sew your strips together first - mine were 4.5"/6.5"/2.5" x about 8" long - the length just needs to be long enough to fold over and fit the entire fish on it.

Fold your sewn strips in half and trace your fish - remember to leave a 2.5" opening to turn and stuff. Also make sure your yarn/twine/whatever is in the inside of your fish with the knot outside of your traced line!

Sew all the way around the line you traced on - this is why I made my template a bit bigger. Now cut the excess fabric off. I leave an extra bit of fabric where the opening is, I've found it's just easier to whipstitch shut with that extra folded inside.

Turn, stuff, add some eyes and you're done!
Cutest school of fish ever right?
My child is already hunting for a fishing pole...

And now I'm off to sew pillows and Easter Baskets!
Thanks for stopping by.

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