Friday, March 13, 2015

Finish It Up Friday :: Twisted Strings

Of course today is the day it's actually raining because I needed a quick quilt photo - it seems like the Murphy's Law of quilt photos, it can be gorgeous, perfect, amazing weather and as soon as the camera comes out it's rain and/or gale force winds. So porch photos it is!

I had so many strings left over after my Desert Strings quilt (and truth be told I'm still so in love with them) that I decided to make another version. I was also really missing my block-a-day habit I'd gotten into - it's just such a great way to get the work going without too much thinking, which is usually the thing that keeps the work from happening. I have the materials all ready to go (decisions basically eliminated = procrastination eliminated) and I just get up and sew a little while my child watches PBS kids. It works for both of us.

So I wondered what would happen if I did wonky strings at angles NOT corner to corner, just hand placed without any measuring. So It turned out that I put all my strings in almost the EXACT same place for the first six blocks - so much for wonkiness. 
Apparently my brain just wants ORDER. SO then I laid out the last six blocks ahead of time and put the strings on the last six WITH A PLAN for wonkiness, making sure they did NOT line up. 
Are you feeling that irony?!

Then I ended up with basically slightly wonky string diamonds. And I didn't love it.
At all.
But then I had the idea to turn every other block and voila, the magic happened!
I have many more "what if's" about string quilts so I expect you'll be seeing more of these.


15.5" blocks all with a 2.5" Kona white center string

45"x60" with flannel back

Straight line quilted to echo the strings by me.

Thanks for stopping by!


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