Friday, February 13, 2015

Finish It Up Friday :: Desert Strings Quilt Top

I have to say it is SO satisfying to create something that so fully realizes the picture you had in your head. I've been posting these blocks on IG as I finished them so you can check there for more up close shots if you'd like! Most of these fabrics came from my two local favorites shops, Stash Fabrics and Cuts of Cotton - both carry great variety and have excellent service.

15.5" blocks sewn on muslin
24 blocks total
Quilt top = 60"x90" 
Apparently I have lost the ability to make a lap sized quilt.
Already bought the flannel backing and I think I'm going to tackle the quilting on this one myself - wish me luck.

Thanks for stopping by!


  1. Your whites match up nicely. I have made a few string quilts but claim they are wonky because they didn't match in the corners!

  2. I love string quilts. Yours is lovely!

  3. Loving your quilt and the bright colours.

  4. The vision in your head was pretty amazing then, because this quilt is stunning!

  5. It's fabulous. I love the colours!


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