Friday, February 13, 2015

Finish It Up Friday :: Desert Strings Quilt Top

I have to say it is SO satisfying to create something that so fully realizes the picture you had in your head. I've been posting these blocks on IG as I finished them so you can check there for more up close shots if you'd like! Most of these fabrics came from my two local favorites shops, Stash Fabrics and Cuts of Cotton - both carry great variety and have excellent service.

15.5" blocks sewn on muslin
24 blocks total
Quilt top = 60"x90" 
Apparently I have lost the ability to make a lap sized quilt.
Already bought the flannel backing and I think I'm going to tackle the quilting on this one myself - wish me luck.

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Monday, February 9, 2015

Mini Quilt Monday :: QuiltCon Strings

12.5" string blocks in all solids, not quite done yet but I'm so in love I just had to share.

Friday, February 6, 2015

Finish It Up Friday :: Mending Kit

It's a tiny finish this week! This is the Mending Kit pattern from Michelle Patterns. There is quite a bit of interfacing and prep work - I'd say you need to be an intermediate bag maker or a REALLY confident beginner for this one. But Michelle does a great job writing and photographing her patterns and I've never made one that I didn't completely love and this one is no exception.

I made it to take to Quiltcon - I think it seems like the perfect like kit for classes and to take on the plane. I'm trying to not overpack for once (can you hear my husband laughing?!). I used a Denyse Schmidt print from JoAnn's and a Kona solid for the lining.

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Wednesday, February 4, 2015

WIP Wednesday :: More Strings

Can you tell how obsessed I am with string blocks and quilts right now? I've fallen hard and it just seems to keep getting "worse". I've been dreaming of a quilt in this palette (which I'm calling desert) for at least a year now, maybe longer. It's far from my normal favorite color - any and all greens - but I just love it. So I've been collecting fabrics here and there and waiting to find just the right block. 

I found it!

These are 15.5" blocks which is a much more FQ friendly size since it requires shorter strings on the largest diagonals - 22" will go from side to side at the widest point of these. The whole block-a-day thing is working out great, sometimes I'm even doing two blocks. I'm actually making myself stop at two because it's keeping me really excited to start again the next day after just two. Any more and it starts to feel like work and who needs that?! So I'm already half way done with this version and I'm so super excited to watch it come together. I'll keep you posted as I finish it! 

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