Saturday, November 28, 2015

Skip to My Lou Bake Craft Sew and Decorate Hoop Art Tutotrial

Today I’m over at Skip to My Lou as part of the Bake Craft Sew & Decorate series. I am sharing a Holiday Hoop Art Tutorial , these are quick to whip up for holiday gift giving. In fact, you won’t want to miss all the handmade gift ideas! I have joined over 100 bloggers to share some amazing homemade gift ideas……..Plus I get to be part of an amazing sewing giveaway too. See Below…


This is one is sew AMAZING! She is a gem and her name is Rachel.

One lucky winner will receive this beautiful…
Baby Lock Sewing Machine ($799 Value) and $100 Worth of Fabric from Riley Blake Designs.
Ready to take your sewing to the next level? The Baby Lock Rachel is the star of any sewing class, and she's here to help you. This computerized sewing machine is equipped with 50 stitches and push-button features to make every project easier. The value is $799. Click here for more details.
Riley Blake Designs colorful fabrics include cottons, flannels, sparkle cottons, organic cotton, knits, dreamy, and laminates in a range of designer and basic prints. You will love this beautiful fabric.

Wait for rafflecopter to load and enter there...
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Wednesday, November 4, 2015

52 Weeks of Color for Quilters :: Week 22 Split Complements (8)

I have to confess I love this week's group of Split Complements!  Normally green is my color but lately this combo plus gold and brown have been making me very happy.

The Kona colors for this week are:
Blue-Green : Kona Jade
Orange : Kona Kumquat
Red : Kona Cardinal

The tints are the top row here, true colors the second row, tones are the third and shades on the bottom - all shown in Kona cotton.

Can you see yourself using this combination? What would you add?

Thursday, October 29, 2015

Bigger Plus Quilt Measurements

Hi all! A couple people asked about the larger measurements I used for the Plus Quilt I posted last week and so I wanted to share them here. These are from Michele who is only on Instagram - she very kindly did the math and I'm just reposting her information.

These correspond to the measurements in Jeli Quilts Plus Quilt pattern which you can find for free on Craftsy!

I pieced the larger borders (and didn't mind the way it looked at all) and added one extra border at the bottom of my quilt of just background fabric. This is a fantastic pattern and came together super quickly - I'm already thinking about making a couple more for holiday gifts!

Thanks for stopping by and hope this helps if you were looking for the larger measurements :-)

Tuesday, October 27, 2015

52 Weeks of Color for Quilters :: Week 21 Split Complements (7)

Phew. Life has been getting the better of me for the last few weeks and I was determined to stop thinking and stressing about being off track with my color project and just get back to it. So here we are - back on track. Insert grin here.

We're starting the last six of the twelve sets of Split Complements - these are all improv blocks that measure 12.5"

The colors this week are Green, Red-orange and Red-violet and I have to admit I find this combination a bit...odd? Off? Unappealing? A little bit of all of those. But it is interesting and it made we wonder if I could actually use these colors together in a way that made them attractive and likable. Still thinking about it - I'll keep you posted ;-)

So I thought it would be interesting to include the tints (above), tones (below main colors) and shades  (bottom row) as well. I don't have time to make blocks in all the different combinations but it's fun to see them all together. The main colors this week used Kona Flame (red-orange), Clover (green) and Bordeaux (red-violet).

The funny thing? When I pulled some prints from my stash in this color combination I actually liked them more! Still not quite ready to start cutting but you never know. Thanks for stopping by!

Friday, October 16, 2015

Finish It Up Friday :: Jeli Quilts Plus Quilt

Happy Friday everyone! In typical style I made this quilt this week after having the fabric since April of 2014. I bought a small FQ bundle from Anna Maria Horner when I was in Nashville for Sewdown and I was in LOVE with the colors but I had no idea what I wanted to do with them. So they sat on my shelf and I loved looking at them until I saw the QAL that @chelengeorge was co-hosting on Instagram using the free Plus Quilt Pattern from Kelly at Jeli Quilts. It was like lightening had struck and I knew instantly that this was what my precious bundle was meant for. You know I have a million other things I should have been working on right? But I had to make this quilt. So I pulled a few more fabrics that meshed well with the original bundle and off I went. I cut Tuesday night, sewed the top Wednesday morning and quilted/bound it last night. I'm pretty sure it's the fastest quilt I've ever made and it's gorgeous to boot. I am completely thrilled with every part of this and I know how rare and wonderful that feeling is, so I'm savoring it!

Michele shared measurements on IG that make this quilt slightly larger than Kelly's original version - if you can't find them on IG I'll be happy to share them here, just let me know. I used black yarn-dyed Essex Linen for the background and added one extra strip along the bottom. Some yummy Robert Kaufman flannel on the back and a binding of Kona Curry to finish it off. Just some simple straight line quilting kept the focus on the fabrics. This finished at 51"x65" and just in time for the cooler weather reported to be arriving tomorrow. Thanks for stopping by!

Linking up with Crazy Mom Quilts for Finish It Up Friday.

Friday, October 2, 2015

Finish It Up Friday :: Halloween Slice Quilt Top

Happy Friday and Happy October! I'm so thrilled with the cool rainy weather we've had lately, I wait all summer for these first cool days of Fall. That air that's finally free of the oppressive humidity and heat just soothes and energizes me. Fall is my season and October is my month. Since I was feeling energized I decided that even though I started this quilt last October it will be finished before this October is done.

The pattern is the free Summer Slice tutorial from Alison at Cluck Cluck Sew . She has so many patterns that I love! This was a Halloween bundle from Pile O Fabric last year and then more of the same (oranges, yellow oranges, coral and blacks) from my stash. I love that is has a Halloween feeling without any actual Halloween fabric. I made enough that I had one extra block which gave me some flexibility as I arranged them.

I finished the blocks yesterday and then the assembly happened very quickly. My only rule was that I didn't want two of the exact same fabrics right next to each other but otherwise I tried to not over think the block placement. Mine finished at 57"x71" just like the pattern. I've got my flannel all ready for the back and now I just need to figure out the quilting!

Thanks for stopping by and have a great weekend!

Tuesday, September 29, 2015

52 Weeks of Color for Quilters :: Week 20 Split Complements (6)

Halfway through split Complements! I absolutely love string blocks so one was bound to show up here sooner or later (and it probably won't be the last ;-). This week's group is yellow-green, red and violet. This isn't a color group I'm naturally drawn to but it does seem energetic and vibrant.

The Kona colors that correspond this week are:

Yellow-green - Chartreuse
Red - Cardinal
Violet - Tulip

A few prints to play with from my stash! I felt like these really seemed like a party together which made me realize what this group of split complements remind me of...

Mardi Gras!!

Thursday, September 24, 2015

52 Weeks of Color for Quilters :: Week 19 Split Complement (5)

And we're back! Last week just got the best of me - nothing serious just life on overload. I know you know. But here's week 19, slightly late but still lovely! Another improve block finishing at 12".

This week's split complement color group includes yellow, red-violet and blue-violet. The Kona cotton colors I used are Citrus, Bordeaux and Deep Blue.

A few prints from my stash to illustrate this group.

And I still think of Van Gogh with this group (and last week's) - he loved the contrast of violet/blue violet/blue and BRIGHT yellow or orange. You can't beat nature for the best color combinations :-)

Friday, September 11, 2015

Finish It Up Friday :: C+S Dress

Happy Friday everyone! I feel like I've been finishing things all summer but I haven't shared too much on Fridays because so many things were for swaps or blog hops or something. But this, this I made for love and I really truly do LOVE how it turned out. My child had been asking for a dress and I was kind of putting her off because I'm not really a garment sew-er. But she REALLY wanted it and you know how that goes.

So I picked a pattern without any zippers or buttonholes (go ahead and laugh). I actually gave her a choice of pink c+s and the pink mustangs or this c+s combination and she shocked me by choosing these! But it was a win either way ;-) So I pre-washed my fabrics and got to work. I made a size 6 which I though would be a bit big and it is but not overly much - I think she'll be able to grow into it and eventually wear leggings under it. The only thing I did differently than the pattern instructions was to make the side seams into french seams so the edges would be finished without serging.

I'm happy to report it was a complete success! She wore it all day and asked to wear it again today. So it turns out I might be a garment sew-er after all ;-)

Linking up with Crazy Mom Quilts for Finish It Up Friday.

Wednesday, September 9, 2015

52 Weeks of Color for Quilters :: Week 18 Split Complements (4)

Well hello there! Another week, more split complements ;-) Yesterday was such a crazy day around here that I kept thinking "I'll get to that...later" and you can see how well that went. But I'm back on track today!

This week's group is yellow-orange, violet and blue. The Kona cotton colors I used were:

Yellow-orange - Papaya
Violet - Tulip
Blue - Royal

A few prints just for fun.

You know who else LOVED these colors together? That's right, Van Gogh! Many of his Iris paintings contain this group of colors as well as the set I'll look at next week - see you then!

Thursday, September 3, 2015

Artisan by Pat Bravo for Art Gallery Fabrics :: Modern Maples Table Settings

In August I was contacted by Art Gallery Fabrics  asking if I would be interested in participating in their month long Makers project for Sewing Month in September. It took me about to 2 seconds to write that "Yes, please and thank you" response. Having sewn with Art Gallery Fabrics before I knew how wonderful the quality was, how soft the feel, how luscious the final products would be. Of all the wonderful new collections the one that spoke to me immediately was Artisan by Pat Bravo - it's a collection that feels so warm and natural that I found it irresistible and inspiring.  So today I'm revisiting a favorite block and sharing how to create some gorgeous settings for your Autumn Table. Thanks to Art Gallery for the fabrics and the invitation and please stop by the Art Gallery Blog to see all the rest of the projects this month.

The Modern Maples block has been a favorite of mine since the very first time I made one, I was completely hooked. Of course I've made them big and small and I decided to use two sizes for these different projects, a 9" maple for the table runner and 3" maples for the place mats.

I'm dreaming of cooler weather and falling leaves even as I look at this gorgeous set on my table! I thought I'd share the measurements for the Modern Maples blocks and do a quick little tutorial for them. The process is the same no matter what size you make them. The photos and directions will use the measurements for the 3" block with the 9" measurements in parenthesis. The nice thing about these is that you can measure your table and combine the leaves with whatever size sashing and borders you like to customize them for your own table. I'll share my measurements but feel free to play around and change them to suit your own needs! All seam allowances are 1/4".


From background color (BG) cut one 1.5" ( 3.5") square and three 2" (4") squares.

From leaf color cut three 1.5" (3.5") squares, two 2" (4") squares and one .75"x3" (1"x6")piece for the stem.

Use 2" (4") squares of BG and main color to make four HST. I prefer to draw a diagonal line, sew on either side and then cut in half on diagonal line.

Press open and trim to 1.5" (3.5"). I use a little painter's tape when my ruler is too big just to make the cut lines a bit easier to see.

Cut the 2" (4") BG square on the diagonal.

Sew each half of BG square to one side of the stem piece.

Press open and trim to 1.5" (3.5").

How you should be able to line up your nine blocks and start to see the maple!

Sew block together in row, pressing seams in opposite directions.

Finally join rows and voila! Finished maples! Now don't you feel proud? Small are 3" (3.5" unfinished) and large are 9" (9.5" unfinished).

The other measurements:

- I made five 9" maples for my table runner and added 2.5" borders that I trimmed to square up after quilting. I used four 2.5" strips for binding and my finished runner measures 13.5"x49.5"

- For the place mats I made my small maples and then added 2.5"x3.5" on top of the maple and 3.5"x7.5" on the bottom of the maple, the right piece is 2"x12.5" and the left piece is 12"x13". the dark blue borders were 2"x12.5". I was just kind of making these up as I went along and I'm so please with how they turned out! Don't be afraid to do a little improv on your first one and keep track as you're playing with your measurements, you'll end up with a personalized pattern! I decided to back these with Fusible Fleece and turn them inside out and then quilt which eliminated the need for binding. I like the clean flat look it gave the finished mats. I cut my Fusible Fleece 1/2" smaller than my finished mat size to reduce bulk in the seam allowance once they were turned right side out. My place mats measure 12"x19".

- Napkins were mitered edge napkins that each started with a 17" square and followed this excellent tutorial on making napkins at Nicole At Home. The finished napkins are 16" and probably the nicest napkins I'll ever own!

Thanks again to Art Gallery Fabrics for the lovely material and sponsoring this post and thanks to you for stopping by! If you make a runner or mats I'd love to see them :-)

Tuesday, September 1, 2015

52 Weeks of Color for Quilters :: Week 17 Split Complements (3)

Another fun set of split complements to consider this week! I'm still making 12.5" unfinished blocks and these are all improved just for fun using scraps from previous blocks.

I love these colors that seem kind of beachy and serene but with a pop of orange for excitement.  
The Kona colors I used are:

Orange - Kumquat
Blue-violet - Deep Blue
Blue-green - Jade Green

And a few prints in this group just for fun!

Saturday, August 29, 2015

Cushion Cut Quilt Pattern Release

Happy Saturday everyone! I have a really fun quilt to share this morning and a giveaway :-)

This is the Cushion Cut Pattern from Caroline at Nightingale Quilts - I was one of her pattern testers. I knew as soon as I saw this that my child would LOVE it and since she has a birthday fast approaching I thought this would be the perfect birthday quilt. Caroline is an excellent pattern writer, her illustrations are clear and concise and I'd recommend her patterns to any and everyone. Even beginners could make this quilt and feel like rockstars.

I used all Kona cottons - this was a perfect place to apply some of the color theories I've been sharing in my 52 Weeks of Color for Quilters series. I used pure colors for the centers and tints and tones for the outsides of the jewels. My blocks are 18" and my finished quilt size is 54"x72".

I did dense straight line quilting on the white sashing - not quite matchstick but 1/4". I added one line of quilting inside the jewel to echo the shape and add the look of another facet. It felt like the quilting took forever but I love it so I'd say it was all worth it in the end. Of course it was impossible to make a quilt this size and keep it secret so my child has already claimed it and been using it since the minute it was done - which of course thrills me.

Caroline has this pattern listed in her Craftsy shop right now if you'd like to go check it out! She's also generously offered me a copy to give away, all you have to do is leave a comment right here by midnight tomorrow night (Sunday 8/30/15). I'll announce the winner Monday morning.  Thanks for stopping by!

Thanks to everyone who entered Caroline's giveaway!  My tiny in-house random number picker picked comment number 5 from Ella :-) I'll be emailing you your copy of the Cushion Cut Pattern. If you didn't win thanks again for entering and please check out Nightingale Quilt's Craftsy shop to see all her wonderful patterns!

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