Saturday, December 27, 2014

From the Kitchen :: Mall Pretzels

We've been having a LOT of fun in the kitchen this year for our holiday break and today's adventure was trying to replicate those sweet, buttery, delicious pretzels you get at the mall. My child has become addicted to them, which I don't mind but I can't stand the mall. Especially with holiday crowds, the crazy drivers, the sick people..shudder. So we needed to figure this out.
Pinterest to the rescue!

I used this recipe from the Midget Momma blog and it was good EXCEPT it calls for 4 1/2 C flour and I used 2 extra cups (6 1/2 C total) to get it to be a dough instead of a batter. But other than that I followed her recipe and they turned out GREAT.

Success! Without the mall! DOUBLE WIN!
And my kid though they were awesome so I pretty much feel like super mom :-)

One last thing - those two plates in that picture above are two of the FOUR that we filled, so consider yourself warned, you will have a LOT of pretzel bites from this recipe. Not necessarily a problem. We also melted mozzarella on top of one batch, amazing.

Hope your holidays were great and you're enjoying this last bit of 2014.
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