Monday, November 24, 2014

Mini Quilt Monday :: Scale

Is it wrong to say "Happy Monday"? It feels kind of wrong BUT it is a holiday week and I do have another great mini to share so there are things to be happy about! I wanted to make a BIG economy block (or square-in-square - I've heard it called both names) so I did the scary quilt math and came up with a block that finishes at almost 20" square. I mainly use solids when I'm testing my quilt math - I have a big stash of them, they're usually less expensive than prints and they really let me see how the shapes are working together.

I think scale (the size) of your block or blocks is an easy way to make a big impact with a mini quilt. Have a fussy little block that you like but don't want to make a million of them? Turn it into one giant block! All it takes is one great block to make a splash and if I can figure out the math with my sad, sad skills then you probably can too.

I decided to finish this block and turn it into a mini by adding some texture with the quilting (not matchstick but 1/4" with my presser foot) and a fun print border from my stash. This would be a great mini to make for someone with very specific color requests and it will certainly stand out when hanging on the wall (or front door ;-).

I'll share the measurements for this mini on Wednesday and then on Friday show you the project I really had in mind when I developed it. Hope everyone good week, whether you're traveling or cooking or sewing!

Thanks as always, for stopping by.


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