Monday, November 17, 2014

Mini Quilt Monday :: Contrast

It's officially a thing: Mini Quilt Monday. Well it's going to be my thing anyway! I love mini quilts and with the 3rd round of the Schnitzel & Boo mini quilt swap starting up on IG (and flickr) I figure this is a good way to share some inspiration. This quilt measures 21"x24" and uses a mini charm pack that Carolyn Friedlander gave out during her SewDown Nashville classes - it was a gorgeous mix of her fabric and other Robert Kaufman favorites. I loved it but I had no idea what to do with it until I decided to use them to make a mini. 

I pieced the square together first to get the arrangement I liked - I love the contrast that the pop of orange gives. So after the mini charm (2.5") squares were arranged I started pulling other neutrals including some Lotta Jansdotter from my stash and a chambray Essex yarn dyed linen. So I built the rows, measuring as I went, then sewed them together and added the Essex border last. It was kind of like improv but with measuring (go ahead and laugh, I know how ridiculous it sounds). Finally I added the orange binding, which is Kona because I couldn't bear to cut up the actual orange CF print in the quilt for the border! I'm a nut - I know.

So I"m going to start sharing mini quilts maybe not every Monday (I'm not crazy enough to think I can crank one out every week during the holiday season) but I'd like to make it a regular feature. And if you've posted about a mini you've made lately I'd love for you to share a link to it in the comments! Thanks for stopping by - hope you stay warm on this wet chilly Monday.


  1. I am blown away by this, Darcy! I was just browsing around CF's website and so inspired, and then saw this posted on IG. You've really done an amazing job. Beautiful. I've held back the swearing :)

  2. this is gorgeous. I love the idea of some regular mini quilt inspiration :)

  3. I love this! I haven't made a mini in a bit, but I sure enjoy them!

  4. This is gorgeous. You should make a mini-quilt for your bestie. Or even better - teach her how to make her own. I bet she would LOVE that!


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