Friday, November 14, 2014

Finish It Up Friday :: AMH St. Louis 16

Happy Friday! It always feels a bit like crossing the finish line of the marathon doesn't it? And I suspect it will start to feel more like finishing a triathlon by the end of December ;-) Today I have my finished birthday quilt to share! My birthday was back in October and I decided to do a bit of selfish sewing and make myself a quilt. I also cut into a hoarded FQ bundle of AMH linen, which felt quite exhilarating (it doesn't take much around here).

I used one of my favorite patterns, the St. Louis 16 patch and I was thrilled to realize that since the linen is larger than regular quilting cotton I could get enough 4.5"x18" strips for a black and a half out of each FQ. so two FQ's of linen actually made THREE blocks! Sweet.

I used 24 blocks (4x6 layout) in this quilt and it finished at about 56"x 84" (big - for me anyway). I've made a couple of these with 16 blocks (4x4 layout) which are a good size for a couch quilt or picnic in the park but this time I wanted something *really* good for the bed or ling enough to lay under on the couch completely. I'm happy to report that this size is perfect for that!

I kind of hate to say it but I feel like we're at that point no matter how hard I try to deny it: this is a wonderful pattern for gift giving. GAH! The holidays! I know, I know, sorry. But anyway, this comes together quickly and always makes a great looking quilt. Just sayin.

I used some AMH flannel from Stash Fabrics on the back which is just decadent. Between the linen and the flannel this turned out to be a heavy quilt which makes me so happy. I'm pretty sure the weight helps me sleep better (teehee). I quilted this one using a zigzag stitch on my old machine, just quilting right over each seam. I felt like it kind of gave it a crazy quilt look that went well with all the fabrics and colors mixed together.

I felt so satisfying to make something for myself that I love so ridiculously much.
Thanks for stopping by!


  1. I love it, Darcy! Hooray for making something for you!

  2. This turned out beautifully! Enjoy!

  3. Beautiful fabric combinations and so vivid! What a nice birthday gift for yourself!!

  4. Hello Darcy,
    Selfish sewing - what a brilliant idea, you can guarantee that you will get the right colours. Fabulous quilt!
    Love from England, Muv


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