Friday, September 26, 2014

Finish It Up Friday :: All the Small Things

Happy first Friday of Fall! I'm thrilled that my favorite season is upon us, the cooler weather, the pumpkins, the baking...bring it! I've been sewing up a storm over here so I have lots to share.

First up a batch of birthday messenger bags from Zaaberry - a great free tutorial and one of my favorite gifts to make. Fill with an assortment of cute goodies and you're set.

Next up, pillows for market. I sew samples for Blend Fabrics which is based here in Atlanta and I feel really lucky to get to play with all their fun new collections. This is the new line from Cori Dantini. These are big panels that feature 4 different animals - love them all. My child has of course put in an order for one of her own.

They also come in this smaller size - also completely adorable. And now I can throw away the kleenex box I was saving with her artwork on (yes I am crazy like that).

I made a couple Sprockets pillows using Alison's free tutorial over at Cluck, Cluck, Sew. This pillow looked like it would be fussy to make and it was NOT. So easy I licked myself for not making one before this. This line is called Luckie by Maude Asbury.

The rest of the line from Cori Dantini - check out that wood grain!

And those acorns - super mega love.

Finally a batch of Lazy Days skirts from the free tutorial on Oliver and S. This is one of my kid's favorite items of clothing lately and I couldn't be happier about it.

Plus the liberty knock-off and Halloween stripes were about $4 a yard on sale at Hancock's - score!

Hope everyone is enjoying the start of a new season and finding some time to make something you love. Happy weekend all! 


  1. Love the bags, added them to my to do list.
    Wish I had girls I could sew skirts for, they are supercute!

  2. Thanks for the link to Blend Fabrics, went through most of the designs. Will possibly order some for Christmas gift ideas.


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