Friday, May 2, 2014

Triangle Quilt-a-Long Finish :: Pretty Kitties Mini

Happy Friday! It has been a long week around here, and thankfully ridiculously productive. I don't know why it seems like when it rains it pours but this month is flooded with projects I need to get finished. I was thrilled to be able to complete a few fun projects on time this week and this is the last one - my Pretty Kitties mini quilt for the Triangle Quilt-a-Long hosted by The Sassy Quilter.

This was my first foray into triangles and now I'm definitely curious about trying more! I really appreciated the kick that this QAL gave me to jump in and get started. So I used 60 degree triangles cut to 4.25" tall - can you tell who inspired me? If you know Paisley Sprouts (she's paisleysprouts on IG) you'll probably recognize my attempt at recreating her gorgeous triangles - she sells the most wonderful pouches and pillow covers. She also makes her perfect points and wonderful color combinations look easy. They aren't.

Fun fact that I learned about triangles (thanks to my math whiz husband) equilateral triangles are equal on all three sides but they are taller than they are wide. Did you catch that? NOT really equal. So I learned that 60 degree triangles won't work if you're trying to end up with a square. Good to know and the reason my pillow cover ended up a mini quilt. Live and learn. I'm still happy with all the cuteness going on here and thanks to all the great tutorials Paula posted on sewing triangles I feel way more competent to try some more.

So I'd like to do bigger triangles for an actual human sized quilt (rectangular of course) and maybe even venture into other size triangles (maybe 45 degree ?) and see if I can figure out that square. I'm ambitious like that ;-)

I'm linking up with The Sassy Quilter for the Triangle QAL finishes and Crazy Mom Quilts for Finish It Up Friday. I'm really proud of how much I finished this week - kind of rare and definitely awesome.

Thanks for stopping by, hope the weekend treats you well.


  1. super cute! those kitties are my favourite!

  2. so cute, love love love the kitty blocks

  3. Hi!!! Very pretty!!!! Love the little kitties in it!!!!!

  4. Your triangle quilt turned out awesome! I dislike the math part A LOT ;) As typically happens with me. . . my triangle quilt turned out square!!! I don't know how, NOT what I was going for at all but I can tell you it can be done. I don't know how but it can be done LOL

  5. This is so pretty - I've always avoided triangles because I get flash backs to school maths lessons. (I was no maths brain!)

  6. This came out great Darcy! I love the colors and its okay its not square:) I really want to try a 45 degree too! We need a break first I think. I want to make a mini to hang in my sewing room, what are you doing with yours?


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