Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Triangle QAL :: Piecing the Rows

You guys! I feel so ahead of the curve this week! I got my triangles sewn into rows over the weekend so here it it only Tuesday and I'm already linking up with the Sassy Quilter.
I'm feeling good about starting with a pillow cover which is making this project very manageable. Also happy to be starting with equilateral triangles as they seem way easier to line up and piece. Maybe this will give me the confidence to move on to other size/shape triangles next :-)
So far, so good! Other than my cover turning into a 24" pillow instead of an 18" pillow (evidence of my mad math skills) this has been a completely painless experience. I'm very appreciative of all the tutorials and great tips that the Sassy Quilter has shared - if you're feeling triangle anxiety like I was I'd encourage you to join in and conquer those fears!


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