Friday, April 25, 2014

Finish It Up Friday :: Right Turn Bag

Happy Friday everyone! We made it through another week and I kind of can't believe it but we only 4 weeks until summer vacation...time surely is flying around here. So I finished this to take to SewDown with me but I never shared it on the blog, so I figure this still counts towards a Friday Finish. I wanted something special since we were going to the studio tour at Anna Maria Horner's house but I don't really sew garments - not frequently enough to feel confident about it anyway. So I decided to stick with what I know and I made this bag that I've had bookmarked forever.
This is the Right Turn Bag and you can find the FREE pattern right here on AMH's make page (click on the Janome + me link). This is a pattern she developed for Janome and it's a pretty easy bag (pretty and easy for the win ;-). If you've ever made a string quilt block, I promise you can make this bag. Even if you're not a quilter don't be scared off - the directions are straight forward enough for anyone and if you get stuck you can always email me and I'll talk you through it ;-)
This is the smaller size of the two offered and I used Black Yarn-Dyed Essex Linen for the strap and exterior (back), as well as the pocket. The only modifications I made were adding an interior pocket and making the strap a cross-body length strap (38" works for me) instead of a shoulder length strap. Everything was interfaced with SF 101. I also had some "strings" that weren't long enough so I pieced them with another "string" of the same width to make a longer "string" and not waste any fabric - good way to make those little bits really count ;-)
Check out all that leopardy goodness on the inside - totally outside my normal wheelhouse but I had it on hand and I actually love it. Very excited to carry this as my new summer bag!
The other project I was quite excited about was Amanda Jean's Thread Catcher Pattern, another one I'd had for a looong time but hadn't made yet. Let me warn you, these are completely addictive to make! They also make a nice sized goodie basket when filled with treats - I'm thinking teacher gifts with some chocolates and a gift card...
Oh and they make great Easter Baskets too, in case you want to get an early start for next year ;-)

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Have a great weekend! See you back here next week.


  1. Oh wow I love that bag and those fabric baskets. I definitely want to make a bag like that. I bet you gone lots of lovely comments about it too. The leopard spot inside is so much fun.

  2. Great bag! Love the thread catchers too. I have made a few of those.

  3. I have had the same bag bookmarked forever! Glad to hear it is easy to put together :-)

  4. i bought the thread catcher pattern. i miss having yours next to me! the amount of thread and fabric bits on the studio floor is getting out of control. love the teacher gift idea, too.


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