Wednesday, April 30, 2014

DS/TT Mini Quilt Challenge :: Take Two

Did you ever have one of those moments where you just felt so foolish that you wanted to crawl under a rock? I had one just after submitting my entry for the Dear Stella/Timeless Treasures mini quilt challenge (just after my last blog post). They were kind enough to email me back almost immediately letting me know that my mini didn't meet the size requirement. Uh...what?! I had printed the guidelines out and had them with my pattern to make sure I was doing it "right". And yet there it was clear as day, right at the top: mini's much be 20"x20". Somehow that translated to mini's must be 20" or smaller to me. Clearly my mistake and I felt awful about it. And I figured that was it. I'm a slow sew-er and not that great at math to boot so I consoled myself with donuts and super kind words from the IG community.

But then Caroline of Nightingale Quilts emailed me to say she'd happily figure the pattern out to be 20" if I wanted to try again. And I started thinking about how I keep telling my daughter that being frustrated and making mistakes aren't reasons to give up and I decided to take my own advice. It was also lucky that I started with half yard cuts of these fabrics - even after making my first mini I still had enough to make the second. So it seemed like the stars aligned and everything fell perfectly into place. I had no appointments or sick children. We had enough food in the house. The kiddos acted nice to each other and actually played together. I ignored every possible thing that I could. My husband took over bedtime so I could sew. It just worked out. It feels like a quilting miracle happened here yesterday.

So I have my 20"x20" mini to submit today and I am so happy.
Mostly happy that I didn't give up.
And thankful for friends and family who are so supportive.

We have a project here in Atlanta called Living Walls and they paint these cool murals all over town in very, ah, urban areas that need beautification and I remembered seeing this blue wall on the way to the zoo and thinking it would be a cool background for a photo shoot.

After I parked the car and walked into the parking lot I looked back across the lot and saw this - perhaps a bit strange in it's entirety but still quilty and cool. I had been missing it because I was always looking forwards on our drive and we usually go home another way.

All it needed was the right framing and voila - the perfect quilt background. I couldn't believe my good luck.

This is one of those rare cases where I love the photos as much as the actual quilt.

My thoughts on the "modern traditional" theme of this challenge are the same as in my last post and I don't want to bore you by repeating myself. As I look at these are flying geese and HST blocks, I know they are nothing really new or particularly modern, I think the magic happens with Caroline's arrangement of them and my color choices. This design feels completely current and fresh to me while using some of the most common building blocks of quilting.

Have I mentioned how much I love these fabrics? Tone-on-tone and blenders are where it's at in my book and you won't find better than Sketch by Timeless Treasures or these Confetti Dots from Dear Stella.

Finally a little shot of my pieced back (more Sketch and Confetti Dots) and the matchstick quilting I did - I love how the dense quilting shows the pattern of where all the seams come together, making a kind of shadow of the back.

Thanks again to Timeless Treasures and Dear Stella for hosting this challenge (which turned out to me a major challenge for me personally) that pushed me to do something I didn't think I could do and inspiring me to not give up. Seriously, thanks.

Thanks as well to Caroline for her amazing math skills! This pattern is available in her Craftsy shop to make a 32" version (but if you ask nicely she might even share the measurements for the 20" version).


  1. Well I do love a happy ending! I missed the original faux-pas but am so glad you were able to make another so quickly! Very cool and I love both! And the photo shots are indeed fun and interesting!! And at the risk of going on and on (ha), I adore your quilting and the back is such fun!

  2. Wow, this is so stunning! Stinks that the original didn't work out but you made it happen!

  3. Love the second quilt too and those walls are amazing!

  4. Yay!! So glad you were able to make another one to enter! Great mini quilts and love your new photo wall :)


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