Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Hi March!

 Out with the sparkly and in with the green! I ready for a little spring so I started with the cupboard.
Check out those gorgeous succulents which will remain ever-green thanks to Target ;-) Ironically even though green is my favorite color I have a decidely UN-green thumb.
 Wreath from Itz Fitz, cupcake stand from Vessels and Wares both on etsy.
If you are a new parent I would encourage you to take as many ridiculous photos of your child as possible in their first year, while they will still (somewhat) let you. Awesome mug rug by Terri at Sew Fantastic Handmade (she does more IG sales than etsy right now but she has one of these sweet guys listed in her etsy shop).
Still one of my favorite mini's - a little sting pieced square with so many of my favorite shades of green.
One last fun shot - I hope your month is starting to show some signs of green wherever you are (and if you're in Chicago or St. Louis or New York or anywhere else getting cover in snow yet AGAIN, I'm sorry - hang in there people!).

Thanks for stopping by :-)

1 comment:

  1. I love that green string block! Green is one of my favorite colors also, and my thumb is black since I kill everything!


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