Monday, February 17, 2014

Monday Momentum

When you get together with a group of crafty friends, do you find yourself as excited to talk about their inspirations and how they find time to fit their passions and hobbies into their "real" lives as you are to talk about the actual projects their working on?

Me too. With that in mind, I'm really excited to tell you about the Sew Slow Society. SewSlow isn't really about how slow or fast you sew but about finding time to fit in what matters, enjoy your journey and embrace your own pace.

As I've been posting here at ModernCozy and following all of your stories over the past few years,
I keep coming back to a single question time and time again -- "how does she do it all?" After thinking about it for some time, and finding that others are looking for the their own answer to that elusive question, I've decided to start Sew Slow Society as a way to perhaps find some of those answers. Over time, I hope it will be a place where other creative moms share how they find/make time to fit creativity into their lives.

Like most things, this journey will start with a single step -- writing my own experiences, as a conversation starter for a hopefully larger dialogue with you and other like-minded crafty people.

My Monday Momentum posts will be one of the first conversation starters at SewSlow, so I hope you'll join me there to continue the conversation.

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