Tuesday, February 4, 2014

February Cupboard

Well hello February! I must say you sort of snuck up on me after a rather busy January but I'm happy to see you :-) I wasn't ready to get rid of all the sparkly things just yet so yes, there are still a few leftovers from December but I figure until it's really truly spring I can get away with them.
A new mini, kind of like my Liberty mini from January. I wanted sweet colors without being saccharine and I think this totally fits the bill. Made with all scraps from my overflowing scrap bins!
Yarn wreath made by yours truly with some arrangement advice from my dear husband. You can find about a million felt flower tutorials on pinterest if you're curious. Mouse was bought from etsy - can't remember/find which shop but this one looks similar and is super cute. Pink cupcake stand is from the awesome Jeanette of Vessels and Wares on etsy. I promise you need one (or ten) of these stands in your life! She even customizes them with names for birthdays - how cute is that?
Sweet be mine heart from Melissa who has since sadly closed her etsy shop BUT you can find the tutorial for this very project on sew mama sew here.
Close-up of our fancy flower - Harper helped me make this from cut up toilet paper tubes. Sliced into about 1 1/2" rings and then stapled together, this was a quick and fun project for a housebound afternoon. BUT painting them was a colossal pain, we used acrylic paint and sponge brushes...never again! If we make these again I'll spray paint them for sure. A little less kid friendly but oh so much better for mommy's sanity ;-)

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