Friday, January 31, 2014

Finish It Up Friday :: Many mini's

Whew. What a week people, what a week. Colds, snowmaggedon (you may have heard on the news, we got some snow here in Atlanta) and NO internet for most of the week. Blerg. So let's focus on the positive shall we? I felt like I finished a LOT! Small things but still, things I can now cross off the massive list I shared last week.

First up, this AMH baby quilt, which I am unabashedly in love with. You could also use it quite nicely as a wall hanging ;-)
I used Hand Drawn Garden and Loulouthi for this and went with quilting that framed the center flower instead of cutting through it.
It's finished at 38" square and I've listed it here in my etsy shop. I'm going to be listing a few more baby quilts as I finish them in the new few weeks (like my optimism? ;-)
 IKEA numbers fabric for the backing - love this "text" type fabric.
 Also love the texture the quilting gave it.
Mini for February and please note I did NOT give in to my fabric cravings and buy more Liberty to make more Liberty mini's even though I REALLY wanted to. 15"x18" Shot of the new February cupboard up next week!
Part of the fun of these mini's for me has been trying new things with the quilting. The actual quilting is my least favorite part so I'm trying to make it more fun and less stressful. So far, so good. This time I used a wavy stitch pattern on my machine that I've never used before and I quite liked it.
 Rainbow mini based on the scrappy trip around the world pattern - finished at 15" square.
 Fancy pants quilting that I would only ever do on something 15" square ;-)
And finally a flying geese mini made with some Malka Dubrawsky fabric that I just love. I bought a very subtle batik (which I never ever sew with) that seemed to really complement the hand-dyed look of the focus fabrics. This one is 14.5"x18"
I wasn't sure about the across-the-geese type quilting but I went for it and in the end I loved it.

Feeling good about surviving the week AND crossing some things off my list! Hope you survived your week too and here's to a good weekend for us all :-)

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  1. I love all of your quilting! I need to start making some mini quilts to practice my quilting!

  2. They are all cool. I think the rainbow mini is my favourite - loving the vibrancy!

  3. Great work. I really like the top quilt first as I love flowers and lots of colour together.

  4. You are so great at these minis! Nice!


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