Thursday, January 23, 2014

2014 :: Ready to Quilt

So for my second act, today I'm sharing all the things that are already sewn and ready to quilt. Quilting is my least favorite part so I already know that I tend to make top after top and then let them sit, which is a habit I'm trying to change. So let's start with the mini's...
1. Malka Flying Geese
 2. Scrappy trip rainbow
 3. (and on to the baby quilts) AMH stars
 4. and 5. Rainbow wheels (I actually have another one of these all cut out and about 75% pieced)
 6. HST baby quilt
 7. (finally the bigger quilts) Disappearing 9 patch
 8. Modern DomesticTurning Twenty (but really only 16)
 9. The Morris Apprentice jelly roll quilt
 10. Halloween St. Louis 16 patch
 11. Green Massive Maples
 12. Mosaic Tiles green quilt
 13. Green and Purple stacked coins
14. Cosmo Cricket (I think) Sweet Pea quilt

So there you have it, all my ready-to-sew projects. I'm not proud to admit it but a couple of these are quilts that have been waiting years to get quilted. Kind of crazy right? And of course I keep remembering more projects to add to yesterday's list - sheesh! This fabric diet has already been a wonderful exercise for me, just in awareness of all the projects I already have planned and purchased for. I think I definitely needed a time-out to catch my breath and think about all these projects. I sew primarily because I love to sew but realistically how much money should I be spending on a hobby? And what am I going to do with all these quilts when I get them done? Some are planned as gifts and some are going to go in my etsy shop because we don't need 20 more quilts (not that we wouldn't enjoy them ;-).

I've been tempted by a few small things so far but over-all just the act of taking stock has made it easy for me to see how much sewing I can do this year without buying a thing! It's also making me actually USE my stash and scraps which is surprisingly pleasing once I get past my initial "but if I USE it it'll be GONE FOREVER" hoarding reaction. So silly right, like there won't always be more gorgeous fabric being released all the time!

Anyway, thanks for stopping by and if you're participating in the Fabriholics Anonymous fabric diet I'd love to hear how it's going for you so far.

Linking up with Making Rebecca Lynne for the January check-in.


  1. Yes, you do have enough to keep you busy. I love how colorful your projects are. Good luck with your resolve.

  2. I hate the thought of using the fabric up too... and endeavour to use every little scrap of my favourites... just a matter of finding the time and place (and storing all those little scraps in the meantime)

  3. I really like the fact that the Fabric Fast is making me stop and take stock of my stash, scraps, and UFO/WIPs -- just like you said.

    And I'm with you on the "What am I going to do with all of these when they're done?" -- I'm working on updating my etsy shop, but really - how many times can I gift someone a quilt or a blanket before they've got more than they can use? =)

    Congrats on completing month one!

  4. Love your quilt tops. Can't wait to see how you quilt them.

  5. Well done!! Great job on being strong!!! I bought one fat quarter as my entrance fee into a Brown Bag group - have to support the quilt shop that hosts us - left it at the shop and have not purchased any fabric. The quilt I am making in the Brown Bag group is totally from stash!

  6. I did some maples last year for a charity project for our guild. They were quite fun. Have fun with all your finishes.

  7. wow - you do have a few to work on don't you. Loooove those modern maples! Just sayin.

  8. you have a lot going on! I love all the gorgeous rainbow projects. If I had all of your lovely WIPs i don't think i'd be tempted to buy anything new either.

  9. What a beautiful selection of projects you have there. Quilting is my least favourite part of quilt making too - but once I get 'into' it a bit I seem to enjoy it a bit more...I think the problem is that I anticipate making a mess of it! Well done with your spend free month - I too am spend free this month.

  10. I especially love the maples and the mosaic tiles. I'm planning a mosaic tile quilt for this spring too, but have a lot of my own WIP's to finish before I can even justify starting a new one. I'm participating in the Fabric Fast too! Good luck and great job so far!

  11. So happy to see that I am not alone in this insanity! I recently took stock of my "to be quilted UFO's", which has spurred me into action, and have been fabric fasting as well (which is where I found your link). May you have many successful finishes in the near future, Darcy!


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