Friday, January 31, 2014

Finish It Up Friday :: Many mini's

Whew. What a week people, what a week. Colds, snowmaggedon (you may have heard on the news, we got some snow here in Atlanta) and NO internet for most of the week. Blerg. So let's focus on the positive shall we? I felt like I finished a LOT! Small things but still, things I can now cross off the massive list I shared last week.

First up, this AMH baby quilt, which I am unabashedly in love with. You could also use it quite nicely as a wall hanging ;-)
I used Hand Drawn Garden and Loulouthi for this and went with quilting that framed the center flower instead of cutting through it.
It's finished at 38" square and I've listed it here in my etsy shop. I'm going to be listing a few more baby quilts as I finish them in the new few weeks (like my optimism? ;-)
 IKEA numbers fabric for the backing - love this "text" type fabric.
 Also love the texture the quilting gave it.
Mini for February and please note I did NOT give in to my fabric cravings and buy more Liberty to make more Liberty mini's even though I REALLY wanted to. 15"x18" Shot of the new February cupboard up next week!
Part of the fun of these mini's for me has been trying new things with the quilting. The actual quilting is my least favorite part so I'm trying to make it more fun and less stressful. So far, so good. This time I used a wavy stitch pattern on my machine that I've never used before and I quite liked it.
 Rainbow mini based on the scrappy trip around the world pattern - finished at 15" square.
 Fancy pants quilting that I would only ever do on something 15" square ;-)
And finally a flying geese mini made with some Malka Dubrawsky fabric that I just love. I bought a very subtle batik (which I never ever sew with) that seemed to really complement the hand-dyed look of the focus fabrics. This one is 14.5"x18"
I wasn't sure about the across-the-geese type quilting but I went for it and in the end I loved it.

Feeling good about surviving the week AND crossing some things off my list! Hope you survived your week too and here's to a good weekend for us all :-)

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Monday, January 27, 2014

Monday Momentum

                                                           image from From the desk of Mar Drag blog

I've been working lately on trying to get my brain to quiet down - it seems I am forever making lists in my head and debating, doubting, wondering, worrying. It's exhausting. So as part of my exploration of faith this year I am trying to get my brain to let go a little more. I'm starting to meditate. I'm writing in my journal. I'm also trying to pick a couple projects to have pre-chosen for the week so when I get a few precious minutes to sit down and sew the debating about what and why and how has already been taken care of. This is allowing me to just show up and work, which feels great. Just keep working is one of my new mantras - which for me means don't listen to that voice in your head telling you that you're doing it wrong (or not very well) and it's really waste of time and the colors are a little off and the quilting is wonky (WHY is the quilting so hard?!) and on and on and on. I repeat just keep working to myself and try to remember to have a little faith that it will all turn out fine in the end. Because it usually does 99.9% of the time!

Thanks for stopping by, hope your week turns fine too ;-)

Thursday, January 23, 2014

2014 :: Ready to Quilt

So for my second act, today I'm sharing all the things that are already sewn and ready to quilt. Quilting is my least favorite part so I already know that I tend to make top after top and then let them sit, which is a habit I'm trying to change. So let's start with the mini's...
1. Malka Flying Geese
 2. Scrappy trip rainbow
 3. (and on to the baby quilts) AMH stars
 4. and 5. Rainbow wheels (I actually have another one of these all cut out and about 75% pieced)
 6. HST baby quilt
 7. (finally the bigger quilts) Disappearing 9 patch
 8. Modern DomesticTurning Twenty (but really only 16)
 9. The Morris Apprentice jelly roll quilt
 10. Halloween St. Louis 16 patch
 11. Green Massive Maples
 12. Mosaic Tiles green quilt
 13. Green and Purple stacked coins
14. Cosmo Cricket (I think) Sweet Pea quilt

So there you have it, all my ready-to-sew projects. I'm not proud to admit it but a couple of these are quilts that have been waiting years to get quilted. Kind of crazy right? And of course I keep remembering more projects to add to yesterday's list - sheesh! This fabric diet has already been a wonderful exercise for me, just in awareness of all the projects I already have planned and purchased for. I think I definitely needed a time-out to catch my breath and think about all these projects. I sew primarily because I love to sew but realistically how much money should I be spending on a hobby? And what am I going to do with all these quilts when I get them done? Some are planned as gifts and some are going to go in my etsy shop because we don't need 20 more quilts (not that we wouldn't enjoy them ;-).

I've been tempted by a few small things so far but over-all just the act of taking stock has made it easy for me to see how much sewing I can do this year without buying a thing! It's also making me actually USE my stash and scraps which is surprisingly pleasing once I get past my initial "but if I USE it it'll be GONE FOREVER" hoarding reaction. So silly right, like there won't always be more gorgeous fabric being released all the time!

Anyway, thanks for stopping by and if you're participating in the Fabriholics Anonymous fabric diet I'd love to hear how it's going for you so far.

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Wednesday, January 22, 2014

WIP Wednesday :: 2014 Inspiration

First let me apologize for the photo heavy post - sorry! Then I feel like I should apologize for the ridiculousness of this post, it turns out I have a problem with planning. Or maybe a problem with my time management. Is there a fabric equivalent of "your eyes were bigger than your stomach"? Because that's me, in spades. So as part of my "buy no fabric in 2014" goal I've been going through my stash pulling together the projects I have planned in my head and all the fabric for and it's a lot. Like A LOT, a lot. I'm hoping that posting it here with help me be accountable and get some things finished this year. So here we go!

1. Denyse Schmidt scrappy trip around the world.

 2. Simply Color jelly roll quilt.
 3. Tula Pink jelly roll quilt.
4. Lush jelly roll quilt.
 5. Kona solids scrappy trip.
 6. JoAnn's jelly roll quilt for the kiddo.
 7. Kaffe St. Louis 16 patch.
 8. Brown/red/aqua St. Louis 16 patch.
 9. Kaffe/purple St. Louis 16 patch - this was all ready to go as a gift for some husband who shall remain nameless who told me that "he didn't really need a quilt as a gift". Ahem.
 10. Lark quilt - no idea what pattern this is, saw Kelby sews make one and loved it.
 11. Boy quilt, fabrics but no plan ;-)
 12. Indie quilt - planning on trying TRIANGLES for this one!! For our bed, will be BIG!
 13. Bari J. and Maureen Cracknell quilt - again, no plan just love the fabrics.
 14. Nordika large vintage star quilt using Jeni Baker's tutorial.
 15. Flea Market Fancy patchwork quilt, all the 9" squares cut and have backing.
 16. Kaffe shot cotton kit from my LQS.
 17. Florence F8 quilt.
 18. Rainbow quilt for the child's bed (not that she'll sleep under it).
 19. Something happy and patchworky, think Red Pepper Quilts :-)
 20. New Wave quilt with a Sew Mama Sew bundle from, uh, years ago. YEARS people.
 21. Gabbie Log Mansion using AMH's pattern.
 22. Rainbow picnic quilt.
 23. 1974 Urban Chicks quilt, again no plan just a whole lotta fabric love.
 24. Regular size Modern Maples.
 25. Thanksgiving table runner.
26. Christmas quilt for us. Maybe wonky log cabins.

And not pictured (because I keep remembering things as I type! Eek!)

27. Bright Kaffe quilt kit from my LQS, bought for me by BFF an embarrassing number of years ago.
28. Hip Holiday table runner
29. Lucky Penny scrappy trip - all strips already cut and I have the backing.
30. Halloween quilt (because I just didn't love the one I made this year).

Plus I have christmas fabric to make at least 2 more quilts as gifts, all my DS and AMH massive stash (and I really mean massive) and lots of other fabrics just waiting to play. So signing off buying for a year doesn't seem like that much a hardship does it? It actually feels more like a relief. So here's to working through the stash in 2014! Wish me luck and I'll keep you posted :-)

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Tomorrow I'll entertain you by showing you all the stuff pieced and ready to quilt!

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