Tuesday, November 26, 2013

A Holiday Gift

So about 4 1/2 years ago while I was pregnant we drove to New York so help clean out my great aunt's house as she moved to a nursing home. She spent her entire life in her parent's home so this was also where my great-grandparents lived and where my grandmother was raised. I have many childhood memories of holiday meals and summer picnics there. So fast forward to a very hot summer where we're helping move boxes and furniture from NY to GA. It was a lot of work and honestly we weren't even the one doing the bulk or the hardest of the work, but we were happy to think we were helping out in some small way.
So the boxes came to GA where they sat through the somewhat tumultuous end of my pregnancy and the move to a new house. Then the box was moved from the garage to the storage room and it sat for a few more years.

My 81 year old grandmother is joining us for Thanksgiving this year and even though she's still willing to travel I know that won't be the case forever, so I thought this is the year. The year to unpack my great-grandmother's china and actually use it. Keep in mind I had never seen this china. But no matter what it looked like I thought it would be a lovely reminder of family and a special detail for my grandmother.

Harper and I unpacked the dishes this morning and I was shocked to see that the colors matched my own taste and colors so exactly. The green is the perfect color of our dining room and what I would have chosen if could go buy any fancy china. It seems like such a gift. It makes me feel more connected to my great-grandmother gone so many years. I hope it helps my daughter connect to her history. I hope it makes this year a more memorable day.
So here's to family and the gifts they give across the years and miles - wishing you and yours a relaxing and enjoyable holiday!


  1. What a lovely gift for you and your grandmother. Happy Thanksgiving.

  2. How delightful!! SO glad you used it this year, and better yet - enjoyed it! Nice.

  3. It's a lovely service and all the more special because of it's family connection. A true reason to be thankful. I hope you have a lovely Thanksgiving.

  4. Pretty dishes! A fun treat for you and your grandma.


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