Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Work In Progress Wednesday :: Florence

So a few weeks ago I won (WON! It was a fabric miracle I tell you!) a complete fat eighth bundle of Florence from The Knotted Thread - thanks again to Jennifer and Maureen for such an amazing giveaway! So I think I've figured out an easy pattern to maximize the fabric size  - I'm going to make 9" rail blocks by cutting each piece into 3.5" strips and then joining 3 to a block.

So now I just need to pick an accent color. Want to help? The top one is Kona Medium Gray.
The bottom one is Kona Coal and naturally I like both. Right now I'm leaning towards the darker one but I'd love to hear your opinion! Happy Wednesday everyone :-)

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Monday, September 23, 2013

It's Just Emmy Hoop Exchange

So I saw this fun hoop exchange on IG for the It's Just Emmy adoption fundraiser and I thought it seemed fun and for a good cause (can't beat that combo right?) so I signed up. My partner said her kitchen was orange, yellow, green and turquoise which is such a fun color combination - it took me a bit to decide what I wanted to do but then inspiration struck and I got to work. In all honesty inspiration came in the form of Lucie Summers' Quilt Improv book - amazing! So I raided my extensive scrap bins and made this string block. I used 6" muslin squares as the foundation instead of paper since I knew I wasn't going to be quilting it.
Then I put it in a 10" hoop, panicked a little at the thought of cutting any of it off, bit the bullet and got it cut and glued. Then I added a couple of other prints (Sandi Henderson and Heather Bailey) gorgeous enough to stand on their own and voila! Hoop art!
I mailed it a little late (sorry partner!) But I really love how this set turned out and I hope she does too.

Sunday, September 22, 2013

Fall Cupboard

If you live in the Northern Hemisphere it's finally Fall! On the calendar anyway, so I decided to mark the occasion by changing up my cupboard - I don't think I ever showed the riot of color that was our August/September display and I will, but not today. Today I am loving all things Autumn.
My Mini Modern Maples quilt - still one of my all time favorites. (Edited to add: I made this and shared all the measurements I used for my mini maple leaves in this post, just in case you're looking :-)
I've decided I like embroidery far, far better than EPP. Maybe because I'm far better at it ;-)
Stick leaf from Target a few years ago, getting a bit fragile but still so wonderful. I'll glue those sticks back together forever if necessary.
Teeny, tiny pumpkin hoop. Now if the weather would just catch up with the season! Happy Fall everyone :-)

Friday, September 20, 2013

Finish It Up Friday :: SouthPark Bag

Happy Friday everyone! I had the fun job of testing Jennifer's new SouthPark Bag Pattern and I have have not one, but two finished bags to share today. The first one I used some AMH from her new Hand Drawn Garden line for the exterior and some Painter's Canvas in Lime for the interior.
I have to say I love this fabric combination! I normally carry a larger bag to I have room for snacks, water bottles and the occasional stuffed animal ;-) but this bag is a great size for the rare kid-free outing. I love the stability of the single strap and it hangs a good length on your shoulder without constantly slipping off.
I did use a different AMH Garden Party scrap for the pocket - Jennifer came up with a very smart way of adding the contrasting band on the pocket, one that I haven't seen before in all my bag making!
I enjoyed this pattern so much I made a second sample! I was on fire, right? I had this vision of using the panel fabric from the Nordika line and it turned out just as cute as I'd hoped. The other great thing about doing this pattern with a panel was that it only took one yard. As in one yard for the whole thing, interior AND exterior pieces!
I had enough fabric to do everything from the one yard of Nordika but I wanted a little contrast so I did add some Kona on the pocket and handle, black and wine.
I fussy cut the exterior pieces to get that fun bottom lined up the way I wanted. I used Pellon 987F fusible fleece on the exterior pieces of both bags and Pellon Shape-flex on the interior pieces - this combo gave me plenty of support without being too tough to sew through.
Again, love the single strap design and the possibilities for personalization. I can recommend this pattern as being well-written and easy to sew. It takes very little fabric so it's a great pattern for those precious fabrics that you've been saving for just the right project. I think it'll make a great holiday gift or fun bag for yourself. You can find this pattern on Jennifer's website over at Ellison Lane. All my fabrics came from Stash Modern Fabrics (except the AMH pocket piece), Beth carries a great selection and has super fast shipping (even faster if you're a local Atlanta person).

Random tidbit: Schnitzel and Boo is hosting a Mini Quilt swap - sign-ups on her blog through 9/23. Looking for a fun little project before the holidays? This could be it! I love mini's so of course I signed up!

I'm off to spend my weekend sewing some samples for market, I'll share a full report as soon as I get everything done :-)

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Have a great first weekend of Fall! Well, half weekend of Fall but I'll take it!

Friday, September 13, 2013

Finish It Up Friday :: Halloween Quilt Top

Happy Friday! We made it to another weekend - whew :-) I am pretty pleased to have gotten this quilt top finished this week. I was so excited as I pulled fabrics and started working on the blocks. I used some Guising from Lizzy House, Spooktacular from Blend Fabrics, a Denyse Schmidt print from Joann's (that I's super sad I didn't buy many more yards of as it's the perfect Halloween fabric) and a couple black/white prints from my stash. The pattern is the always satisfying St. Louis 16 Patch.
It's busy folks. Really busy. I'm hoping it works though. Once I started laying out the blocks I had a terrible time trying to get the arrangement right - in the spirit of full disclosure I may have told my husband I was full of "quilt rage". Which makes me giggle now but wasn't fun at the time. The problem was value. I didn't want like colors next to each other but in some blocks the orange was the lighter value and in other blocks in was the darker value. I spent a couple of hours arranging and rearranging. It was a frustrating process - I kept looking for some magically perfect arrangement that never seemed to appear. Was I being too picky? Probably but I didn't want to end up with a quilt I hated looking at!
So what finally helped? Two things: my husband's suggestion to arrange all the blocks with the darkest squares in the same place in each block and then move from there AND taking pictures on my cell phone of same of the layouts. When I looked at the thumbnails it helped me see the values (instead of patterns) and choose a layout that I think (hope, pray) works best. Can you tell which one I picked? In the end it was between 4 and 8...or burning them all in the yard. But I chose number 4 and I'm feeling better about it.

So how about you, what do you do with a project that suddenly doesn't work? I'd love to hear any tricks to help turn off-track projects around.

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Thanks for stopping by, hope your weekend is a good one!

Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Work In Progress Wednesday :: Blend Fabrics Hip Holiday Challenge

I am really excited about the challenge our local guild (West Atlanta Modern Quilt Guild) is doing with another local favorite, Blend Fabrics! Blend was kind enough to give us prints from their Hip Holiday line - each participant got 10 10" squares (one of each print). Even though the finished projects aren't due to be revealed until our October meeting I'm already having fun planning what I want to make. So far this table runner is a front runner but modified to be longer and narrower with some gray quilter's linen for the "solid". If you have any small-ish project or scrap project I'd love to hear about them!
I also have all the "scraps" from cutting the squares which I think might make some lovely coasters or string blocks...oh the possibilities! So much fun.

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Monday, September 9, 2013

Halloween Quilt :: More Progress

Do you sometimes get a project in your head that you just HAVE TO make immediately? I have no idea why but this Halloween Quilt has been one of those for me - I just had to get it made. Like today. I decided on a St. Louis 16 Patch pattern - you can find the directions here on Stephanie's blog. Very quick and easy and I love how the patchwork looks. I picked my fabrics and cut my strips on Saturday night.
Sewed and cut all the strips last night and now I'm putting them together into the blocks and I love them. I was afraid that mixing all the browns and blacks and grays would be odd but I think it's going to look great once it gets assembled. I'm hoping to have the top done by Friday so be sure and check back!
My assistant Saturday night - what can I say? We really know how to live it up around here ;-)

Friday, September 6, 2013

Finish It Up Friday :: Swaps and Gifts

Happy Friday everyone! I've been finding time to sew at night this week after the kiddo has gone to sleep as my dear husband has been out of town for work. When he's home I'm more likely to be found hanging out on couch with him, which is wonderful but not nearly as productive - said with love honey! ;-)
Amanda from Westwood Acres was kind enough to send me some crayons I fell in love with and couldn't find locally, so I told her I would swap her for something fun. I know she can make anything and has loads of fabric at her fingertips so I thought something for her sweet little girl might do the trick.
This was made from the free mini messenger bag tutorial over at Zaaberry - always goes together quickly and makes a great toddler gift.
Then I *finally* made some baskets for a friend with a new baby - was supposed to be for a "baby shower in a box" as she moved away but the baby has already arrived! Whoops!
Better late than never right? So these will be winging their way to the west coast next week and I was pretty pleased with how they turned out. You can find the pattern here on etsy. Also the yellow chevron lining was from Stash Fabrics and she's having a big inventory reduction sale :-)
These have Pellon 70 (Peltex) and Fusible Fleece 987F with made them kind of puffy and a bear to turn but very sturdy. Next go round I might try fusible fleece on the exterior and just a mid-weight fusible on the lining to compare. Over all this was a fairly quick sew and I can see using them for holiday gifts and teacher gifts.

Have a good weekend everyone and thanks for stopping by :-)

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Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Work In Progress Wednesday :: Halloween Quilt

So Summer weather has arrived here in Georgia just in time for FALL. Blech. Summer is my least favorite (unless I'm at the beach or poolside) and Fall is my absolute favorite so I'm dreaming of cooler temperatures and crisp apples and pumpkins and fall get the idea.

I've been saving these Lizzy House Guising prints for a Halloween quilt and I'm ready to make it happen. After all, October is only three-ish weeks away and cooler weather can't be far behind, right?
So I love Blend's Spooktacular line as much as Guising and I was thinking about combining them to make a St. Louis 16. I'm not sure about the larger scale prints though - I'm afraid they'll get too chopped up at 4.5" and the images will get lost. So I may have some more fabrics to audition but what a fun way to spend and afternoon in the air conditioning. Sigh. ;-)

Have a great day - we're halfway to the weekend!

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