Thursday, July 4, 2013

Crazy about Calendars

Happy Fourth of July to everyone in the States! I sincerely hope you're someplace warm and sunny, unlike here in GA where it's rain, rain and more rain. With a side of flooding and no chance of fireworks. Boo. So I thought I'd share something that's turned into a great once-a-month project at our house, you know, in case you're stuck inside and looking for something to do.

My child LOVES calendars and she comes by that completely honestly as I do too. She was always asking when things would happen, which day and how many days away things were, so I decided to make a calendar kind of like the job chart in her classroom at school.

For each month you'll need a poster board, 15 small sized envelopes, glue, stickers, markers and a hole punch. My talented husband took a photo of Harper against an empty wall in our house (can you tell we started making these in February?), printed the photo, glued it to card stock and cut it out. She moves it to a new day first thing each morning. We also put birthdays and trips and other special events on the envelopes so you can see when they'll happen.
I buy the self stick envelopes because licking 15 envelopes is just gross. Trust me on that. stick the envelops shut, fold them in half and cut. Glue them to poster board in a grid of 5 across, 6 up and down. If a month has 31 days we just add a slash to day 1 and put them both there. I glue the envelopes and do the tape.
We started adding a little piece of tape at the top of each envelope to our flat Harper doesn't get stuck going down in each day. Of course washi tape is more fun and we love the Target brand and the Kid Made Modern (also sold at Target). Dollar section also helps us out greatly with our sticker collection.
Then Harper has started writing the month at the top and writing the numbers on each day. Good practice writing and learning the months of the year, plus I love her cute little handwriting.
The she stickers the life out of it and we hang it up - I just use a couple 3M removable hooks on a wall in the kitchen. It takes us about an hour from start to finish and we've really looked forward to making a new one each month. Some months have a theme, some months are more Hello Kitty or Dora based on which amazing stickers we're feeling most at the moment ;-)

Anyway, hope you all have a great day whether it's a holiday for you or not! Back tomorrow with a yummy cookie recipe for the weekend.

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  1. Such a cute idea! Syd loves calendars too....going to have to try this out :) Happy rainy 4th (here too!)


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