Sunday, June 30, 2013

Winnings and news.

Well hello there! It's been a minute, so let's catch up. Husband gone for a couple weeks for work, I decide to clean out the garage to get a car in (crazyI know) which means I need to also clean out our storage room to be able to get into the attic. So naturally I start by gutting and cleaning out my craft room closet. Blah blah blah, I know. Good news is my fabric closet looks better than it ever has and we were able to get a car in our garage. A CAR IN OUR GARAGE for the first time in three years. Whew. Then we went on vacation and now husband is gone again for another week. I'll spare you the whining about how much I still feel like I have to clean and sort, it always gets worse before it gets better, right? So that bring us up to now. And my winnings...whee!
Are you one of those people who never (or rarely) wins things, like me? If so you know how thrilling it is when you win anything, so you can not even imagine how over the moon I was to hear from Larissa that I won her gorgeous needle book giveaway. Larissa blogs at mmmcrafts and she comes up with some awesome projects, both paper and fabric.
It's a beautiful charcoal gray with the most lovely flowers on the front. Her eye for color and attention to detail are just unreal. I can't believe how lucky I am! Larissa just released her pattern for this wonderful needle book and I can tell you it's a good one (as are all her patterns). Go check out her craftsy shop to see all of them!
If you're looking for a nice do-ahead holiday gift for a sewing friend, this would make the perfect little project to get started on now!

Thanks SO much to Larissa for the fantastic needle book and the much-anticipated (BY me anyway) pattern - I love my needle book and I can already tell you I'll be using the pattern.

So now for my news, I have another blog! Crazy? Maybe. I decided I wanted a blog that would be dedicated to my sewing and keep this blog as kind of my mish-mash of life. My plan is to blog at both and this way if you want to read about just sewing you can hop on over to my new blog Sew Slow Society. If you're curious about what I'm baking, kid stuff, house, reading list and of course sewing stop by here. It might be overly ambitious but I'm going to try it for a bit and see how it feels. Just wanted to get the word out before google reader turns into a pumpkin tonight ;-)

Anyway, I missed you guys and I'm happy to be back!

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