Wednesday, May 15, 2013

WIP Wednesday: Summer sewing for the girl

Well hello! This week has been all about sewing for the girl who has finally realized that she likes mama-made clothes. As in "where are the skirts you said you would sew me YESTERDAY?!" Umm, what? But you know that really I love it. We have a great time picking out fabric and she is really thrilled to wear what I've made - does it get any better than that? Not for me :-)
 This is the SUPER easy and FREE Lazy Days skirt pattern from Oliver & S - I used a half yard of fabric and if your kiddo isn't 40" (!!!) tall with a preference for longer skirts you could even use less. I can't stress enough how fast and easy this pattern is - perfect if you're a beginner!
She also wanted a butterfly dress and I was so excited to have stashed this Lizzy House away last summer, now to decide on a pattern...
And fabric for TWO pillowcases made from this wonderful Tinkerbell fabric (thank you SO much Hancock's - not). I'm going to use Ashley's pillowcase tutorial to clinch my mother-of-the-year status.

Let's pretend I'm going to get all this sewn by next week (teehee) so then I can get back to the three (alright, five) quilts I have already to quilt! Maybe ;-)

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  1. Sewing for girls is fun! Even if they are demanding. I love that cat/Paris fabric, what is it?

  2. I know you prefer sewing quilts (and yours are all so gorgeous) but those skirt are cute and fun! Crafterhours has just started their skirt week 2013. You should put them up in the flikr pool. Never know who you might inspire!

  3. These are so fun! I love your fabric choices. I need to sew more clothes. I love that you said we were going to pretend you'd get it done. I do that all the time!

  4. Sweet little skirt! Sometimes those "littles" are just the thing to keep you going when the big projects are just too much...

  5. Very very sweet that she loves what you make for her!


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