Saturday, May 11, 2013


Thanks so much to everyone who stopped by, entered my giveaway and started following! I loved reading all the answers to my question "What keeps you coming back to a blog?" - the most common answers seemed to be interesting projects, good photos and tutorials. I like all those and getting to know people, I'm naturally curious and it's always fun to feel like you have friends you can connect with, especially about something you love. So thanks again and hopefully you'll stick around and comment now and then :-)

So Mr. Random picked number 61 - Lyanna who blogs at Purple Panda Quilts, I'll be emailing you for your address shortly!


  1. Wahooo!!! I am so excited, I hardly ever win anything and this was certainly a fantastic prize to win =)

  2. Congratualtions to the winner. Thank you for hosting the giveaway.


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