Thursday, May 30, 2013

From the Cupboard : May/June

Since I haven't been sewing a new mini quilt for the cupboard each month I haven't been changing the displays as often - a couple months I just loved them too much to change them, a couple of months I felt like they weren't quite finished. See the top right cubby? Not finished. But I figured I love the rest so much that I'm happy to share what I've got.
These seemed like warm, yummy, summery colors so I went with this kind of unusual (for me) color scheme. This is a mini quilt from one of my favorite fabric artists/quilters, Victoria Gertenbach, who blogs at Silly Boodilly.
 The painting I bought as an anniversary gift for my husband from local artist Jenni Horne.
I've been using more framed fabric hoops lately and I'm loving them. Maybe at some point I'll hang all of them together somewhere - craft room? Harper's room? Bathroom? Teehee.
Finally a new work by one of my favorite up and coming artists - my own sweet kiddo! We made these collage painting as Mother's Day gifts and they were a big hit. With me too ;-)

Hope summer is finding it's way into your house too! (Unless you're in New Zealand and in that case I hope hot cocoa has found it's way into your house ;-)


  1. That's a very happy cupboard!

  2. Nice to see the cupboard again, it felt like it had been a while :-) I'm in New Zealand, and yes the cocoa is DEFINITELY coming out

  3. Sweet! Especially love that densely quilted mini AND that new original artwork!!

  4. What a great idea! The little quilt is gorgeous.

  5. Love the idea of a corner you can use to display favourite treasures and change as you feel like it.

  6. I'm not the only New Zealander! And lots of my friends read too!! Just love the kiddo art work. Precious! Been not too bad a winter so far - in fact Miss 7 was in spaghetti strap dress and sandals today!


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