Monday, April 29, 2013

A few new pillows.

Just popping in to share a few pillows I made for Blend Fabrics to use at market. I feel really lucky to get to work with their gorgeous fabrics, plus I'm trying out some of what Vanessa taught us at her awesome Photography class on Saturday (most of which I'm still processing..teehee).
So these are panels from the Shell Runner Collection with a few added solids - mostly Kona and one shot cotton.
Love these little feathers!
Next goal : meter the photos to get the white balance better! At least I know I need to right?
These fabrics have a really lovely painterly quality to them and if you've ever tried your hand at watercolors you know it's hard to make it look "easy". These fabrics aren'y my normal palette but I liked the challenge of using them and I have to say I love how these turned out! I realized after I took these that I'd used a 20" pillow in an 18" cover, whoops - but they do look nice and poufy as a result ;-)

Want to make some fun pillows of your own? Katy just a did a great series of pillow tutorials on her blog I'm a Ginger Monkey!


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