Tuesday, April 16, 2013

A few finishes.

I've been sewing every spare minute lately and it's been good. Even checking some of my smaller projects off my lengthy WIP list feels great. This is my Lucky Penny Scrappy Trip baby quilt - love it.
The Mural print on the back basically makes it reversible - Hawthrone Threads still has this collection in stock as well as solids to coordinate. I quilted it on the diagonal to mirror the pattern in the quilt.
Teeny tiny flying geese made with KJR and the text print from Mama Said Sew collection. These were my first EVER flying geese and I was really pleased with how well they turned out. I'm itching to make another one of these with Simple Marks from Malka Dubrawsky (ok and maybe also with some Kaffe prints!). I can see how the flying geese are addictive. I'm trying to convince myself that I might one day be able to tackle the Marcelle Medallion quilt from Liberty Love. We'll see.
Another mini, just for fun, Chicopee scraps and yarn dyed black Essex Linen. Are you still of hearing me declare my love for Chicopee? Because I'm not even done!
 Chicopee! Mug Rugs! Hey, why not?
Crazy rainbow table runner that went perfectly with the Crazy Daisy bouquet my dear daughter picked out on our last shopping trip. So natural right? ;-)
My newest mini's all hung in a row and making me quite happy. Hope you're finding happiness in your days as well.

Meant to post this yesterday but then my heart was too heavy seeing all that had happened in Boston. Trying today to focus on all the good in the people all around helping each other after that terrible act. Trying to remember that even when it doesn't seem like it the world has more good in it than evil. Trying to focus on the good!


  1. I love that scrappy trip baby quilt.

  2. Me, too...what Maggie said! That pattern has always been a bit busy for me (I know, I know...everyone loves it), but I really like it as a small quilt!

  3. How fun these "littles" are! Amazing these are your first flying geese! A whole new world is opening up! ;-)

  4. Loving what you've done - especially the use of the chicopee. Gorgeous and zingy!


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