Monday, April 29, 2013

A few new pillows.

Just popping in to share a few pillows I made for Blend Fabrics to use at market. I feel really lucky to get to work with their gorgeous fabrics, plus I'm trying out some of what Vanessa taught us at her awesome Photography class on Saturday (most of which I'm still processing..teehee).
So these are panels from the Shell Runner Collection with a few added solids - mostly Kona and one shot cotton.
Love these little feathers!
Next goal : meter the photos to get the white balance better! At least I know I need to right?
These fabrics have a really lovely painterly quality to them and if you've ever tried your hand at watercolors you know it's hard to make it look "easy". These fabrics aren'y my normal palette but I liked the challenge of using them and I have to say I love how these turned out! I realized after I took these that I'd used a 20" pillow in an 18" cover, whoops - but they do look nice and poufy as a result ;-)

Want to make some fun pillows of your own? Katy just a did a great series of pillow tutorials on her blog I'm a Ginger Monkey!

Wednesday, April 24, 2013

WIP Wednesday

Just a little peek at what I've been working on during my sewing moments for the past week. Turning Twenty quilt for a family photo shoot (shoot was postponed so I didn't have to stay up all night getting it finished - whew). This is actually made with 16 FQ's not 20 and it makes a great size quilt, about 70" square. I have it all sandwiched with some awesome home dec weight red gingham I found at IKEA and it's ready to be quilted. Isn't that cat super helpful?!
How to I keep getting sucked into new projects?? One word: Instagram. It's like an all-day, everyday sew-in where you can always find inspiration/temptation. This is the St. Louis 16 patch and I'm in love with it. It seems great for large scale prints and the blocks whip up amazingly fast. I pulled a few Kaffe fabrics from my stash just to TRY a few blocks...
Which of course led to me puling even more Kaffe and solids to make a real quilt top! I love Kaffe prints and I have quite a few, as well as many solids left from my Pink Chalk solids club membership. Since this is all from my stash I've decided to not feel guilty about getting sidetracked but congratulate myself for making it without spending a dime ;-)

There is a St. Louis 16 Flickr group that Katy from I'm a Ginger Monkey put together if you want to see some more and Stephanie (who started this whole craze) has put more info up on her blog Sew With Sass.
Finally I made another Flying Geese mini. I loved the other one but I wanted one where the color popped a little more, I think this version with Malka Dubrawsky's new line hits the mark.

Saturday is Vanessa's Photography for Bloggers class in the morning and Fold-over Clutch class in the afternoon - if you live locally and you're looking for a fun day I highly recommend checking them out at Fabricate! I'm taking the photo class so expect to see a serious improvement in the photos around here - yay!

Tuesday, April 16, 2013

A few finishes.

I've been sewing every spare minute lately and it's been good. Even checking some of my smaller projects off my lengthy WIP list feels great. This is my Lucky Penny Scrappy Trip baby quilt - love it.
The Mural print on the back basically makes it reversible - Hawthrone Threads still has this collection in stock as well as solids to coordinate. I quilted it on the diagonal to mirror the pattern in the quilt.
Teeny tiny flying geese made with KJR and the text print from Mama Said Sew collection. These were my first EVER flying geese and I was really pleased with how well they turned out. I'm itching to make another one of these with Simple Marks from Malka Dubrawsky (ok and maybe also with some Kaffe prints!). I can see how the flying geese are addictive. I'm trying to convince myself that I might one day be able to tackle the Marcelle Medallion quilt from Liberty Love. We'll see.
Another mini, just for fun, Chicopee scraps and yarn dyed black Essex Linen. Are you still of hearing me declare my love for Chicopee? Because I'm not even done!
 Chicopee! Mug Rugs! Hey, why not?
Crazy rainbow table runner that went perfectly with the Crazy Daisy bouquet my dear daughter picked out on our last shopping trip. So natural right? ;-)
My newest mini's all hung in a row and making me quite happy. Hope you're finding happiness in your days as well.

Meant to post this yesterday but then my heart was too heavy seeing all that had happened in Boston. Trying today to focus on all the good in the people all around helping each other after that terrible act. Trying to remember that even when it doesn't seem like it the world has more good in it than evil. Trying to focus on the good!

Tuesday, April 9, 2013

So many projects, so little time...

So little time TO SEW it seems ;-) Do you ever just take a minute to assess all your WIP's and then feel  slightly ill because there are so many of them? I already know that I like piecing way better than I like quilting but I didn't realize how many projects I had let stack up. In order to hold myself accountable I'm sharing them with you! So the first project I'm going to finish is this Lucky Penny baby quilt that I'm making as a commission for a friend. It's another scrappy trip with 8 strips - I love that pattern so much. The fabric at the bottom is Mural from the Lucky Penny line, it has all the nursery colors in it. This might be the most fashionable baby quilt I've ever made!
This is another baby quilt made with HST's, made just for fun. I love this print from Dear Stella and wanted to use those colors to play around it. This was inspired by this post over at A Quilter's Table and the gorgeous HST quilt that Debbie made. I'd like to make a bigger lap sized quilt with larger blocks. Just so fun to play around with!

I used Christina's measurements and tutorial from her post over at Whip Up, super easy. I used 8.5" starting squares and trimmed them to 5.5". The rotating cutting mat is seriously the best invention ever for trimming half square triangles. If you're going to make them with any frequency you need one!
I saw this tiny table runner at one of my LQS and came home and whipped one out - totally not my style or colors but it just seems so springy and fun! Plus it will fit exactly on the little 4 square Expedit in our living room. Chances are good it'll seem way to bright and out of place with everything else in our house but oh well! I'm going to use a lime green binding so it will be (kind of) reversible.
Two color wheel quilts that have been on my to-sew list for EVER. Or maybe it just feels that way. Either way the are getting DONE. Oh and I'm raising such a mini-me that my 3 year old looked at these and said "are these ready for binding yet"...!! Uhmm, no honey, Mom's getting there. Thanks for paying such good attention to the process though!
Mini Flying Geese quilt! These were my first flying geese and I was feeling brave/excited enough to use some of my Katie Jump Rope stash. I am thrilled to report all my geese actually have points! Whee! I think it's a little busy with the text background print but overall I'm really happy with it. It's 14.5"x18"
Chicopee mini quilt and mug rugs. Again, just made these for fun, messing around with some Chicopee scraps and black yarn-dyed Essex Linen. This little mini is 13"x16".

Whew. So I have everything sandwiched and ready to baste. Then comes the quilting. I'm hoping to be back sooner rather than later with some actual finishes!! Wish me luck :-)

Wednesday, April 3, 2013

March Cupboard

I realized that I never showed my February cupboard, mostly because it never really felt finished, and now I've missed March too! Whoops!

So here's March, I love it. I'm also totally thrown off by the fact that the April cupboard is normally the Easter cupboard. So I'm thinking about my options ;-)

I'll keep you posted!

PS - first post from my new laptop - woohoo!!

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