Wednesday, February 13, 2013

A little Chicopee love.

I managed to finish another one of Rachel's Wheel Quilts - this is the same pattern that I used for my color wheel quilt but this one is all Chicopee. I love this line so ridiculously much. Maybe it's because I'm a child of the 70's. Maybe it's because this palette is so me. Maybe it's because I love almost everything Denise Schmidt has ever done. Who knows, who cares, it's love.
 I kept the quilting really simple and just did straight lines in between each section. I used Kona black for the binding and snow for the background. It has a nice graphic quality that I'm really enjoying.
And a little patchwork pillow to go along! 3.5" squares, 6x6 layout and a 18" pillow form. Easy-peasey.

Side note: my niece has a love/hate relationship with this pillow, it makes her wave her arms and grab at it frantically only to be SO mad when she can't pick any of it up and get in her mouth. At five months 2D vs. 3D is still maddening to her but very entertaining for us!

I made BOTH of these projects from ONE fat-eighth set of Chicopee from Westwood Acres - if you haven't checked out Amanda's etsy shop you need to. She has a great collection and her fat-eighths are my new favorite way to buy and sew with a collection - the size makes them seem not precious and I actually use them instead of "save" them for that perfect project.

I'm still thinking of more projects to make with Chicopee and now Shelburne Falls is already out! Gah! I can't keep up ;-)


  1. Oh this is lovely! After making my lastest cushion, I think I'm in love with Chicopee more than ever! Amazing you got both projects from a fat 1/8 bundle!

  2. The quilt is absolutely gorgeous, Darcy. I am in love. Beautiful work. I need to check out this fat-eight business...


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