Monday, January 14, 2013

Thank you and scrappy trip update

I just wanted to send a big THANK YOU to Debbie at A Quilter's Table - I won her very generous prize from Pink Chalk Fabrics for linking up with Tuesday at the Table during December. I love sharing what I'm making, food or fabric, but a gift certificate from Pink Chalk was fantastic icing on the cake! I was out of town watching all the scrappy trip along blocks start to spread across Instagram like a wildfire and I was SO antsy to get home and get in on the fun - I comforted myself with buying a couple of Kona Jelly Rolls from Pink Chalk to make a scrappy trip with all solids. Thanks again Quilter's Table!! :-)
Of course practically the instant we got home I started ironing and cutting fabric strips with scraps and odd FQ's - this turned out to be a great project for all those multi-colored FQ's that I loved when I bought but had no idea what to do with. So I just kept cutting and cutting and cutting and I ended up with enough strips to make 36 blocks - crazy. So I have sewn all the strips together and into tubes and I'm going to slice and un-pick them tonight.
I did sew up a few blocks to see how they're going to look and I think it's going to be probably the happiest thing I've ever sewn! I let Harper help me sort the strips into groups of 6 by letting her pick 3 warm and 3 cool strips and she enjoyed the sorting/grouping a LOT. So much that she's already claimed this for her own! AND she keeps asking me "Is my quilt done yet Mom?"...aahhh, no honey, not yet. I'm not Katy after all who I think is on her second or possibly third one already! But I'm going to keep chugging away and it and the blocks really do sew up quite fast so I'm still hopeful that I can get it done this month :-)


  1. It's going to look great. I've started cutting strips too.

  2. This is looking very colourful and cheery - can't wait to see it finished...J

  3. Is it done yet, is it done yet?? ;) So cheery, look forward to seeing it finished!

  4. SO glad you found a couple of fun things with your certificate! Your scrappy blocks are looking great!

  5. I love how happy your scrappy trip is looking. Even though I can't join in, it has been so fun to follow along and see everyone's!


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