Monday, January 7, 2013

New year, new project

After all the hustle and bustle of the BIG holiday dies down I knew it might be a bit of an adjustment for my little person who had been marking the days off faithfully each morning on the calendar and moving Santa every day as she waited for THE BIG DAY to finally arrive. When you're three and you see Christmas shows on PBS the week of Thanksgiving it is a) very hard to understand how long away it is and b) even harder to then understand that it will end. Abruptly. So I planned a new family project for us to work on in the New Year and I wrapped it all up and we opened it New Year's Day as one last thing to open - a soft landing for 2013.
When I was lucky enough to win Gwen's birthday giveaway last year I was introduced to Smash books and they are AWESOME. You can check them out at Target and Michael's, along with all the fun stuff they have to go along with them. They were the inspiration for these books - journals that my husband was kind enough to help me put together with xerox paper and scrap-booking paper covers. He made small blank calendars that we glued in the front of each book, one for each month of the the year. You need a long arm stapler to make this project easier - if you have little people at home it's totally worth the purchase price to be able to make blank books anytime.
Then I bought all kins of fun art supplies and things to use inside our books. I'm not going to lie - that date stamper from Office Depot makes me giddy. Yes, I am a school/office supply nerd. Totally fine with it! So the idea is to do one page per day with drawings, painting, stickers, things we glue/tape inside - really anything goes. For me it's about a record of her growth and enjoying the creative process with her.
And I know we may not really do one page each day but it's so fun watching Harper's drawing and writing skills evolve and change I figure they'll be fun to look back on no matter how they end up getting filled. She absolutely LOVES to cut and glue right now so I suspect that might be most of January. That plus STICKERS, we can't ever get enough stickers :-)
She loved opening the box and was thrilled to have one last gift. I'm thrilled to be making things together as a family, starting with the creation of this gift and continuing with the journals all year. One of my goals is to have the TV on less and I need all the creative help I can get! So we have the January book out now along with her art supplies and we've added to it on a couple of different days - I'll keep you posted on our progress.

Oh and when we woke up on the 26th and she said "when is Santa coming again" and we explained not until next December, she just shrugged and said she's start Santa again. And she did, right back at day one. I have a feeling we are going to have a LOT more explaining to do on January 25th.


  1. haha. Very sweet. Love your project together! I'm wanting to make up an 'Art box' for when our grandgirl is over. She just tuned 2 and I'd love your thoughts on what should go in it besides crayons, stickers, paint set, play dough....

  2. I never thought to do a Smash book with the kids, what a great idea! I love the idea of having a record of their art and writing. You smarty pants! ;)

  3. I love this idea, Darcy! I would love to do this with my girls. And I happen to have a long arm stapler. PS - I'm an office supply nerd, too :) Great idea!!!


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