Thursday, January 24, 2013

Divided Basket Pattern from Anna at Noodlehead

 First let me warn you that this is for certain the most photo-filled blog post ever. What can I say? I was excited! I had the good fortune to meet Anna Graham, the mastermind over at Noodlehead, at Sewing Summit last year. You know how you feel like you know someone from knowing their online presence? And then you meet them in real life and they are not at all what you thought (hello online dating)..well this meeting was the exact opposite of that. Anna is as kind and gracious and fun in real life as I suspected/hoped she might be. So when she asked me last week if I'd like to test her new basket pattern I was thrilled. Her patterns are some of my favorites, not just because of the great designs but because she really knows how to write (and photograph) a pattern - clearly and thoughtfully, so it all makes sense and you feel like you've learned something in the end.

This divided basket pattern is a great example of that - I was nervous about the divider but two more and may have another couple in the works.
This is the divided basket pattern with a canvas home decorator weight fabric on the exterior and a quilting cotton on the interior. I used Pellon 987 Fusible Fleece on the exterior and Shape Flex on the lining and divider. After I tried it this way I decided that I like it just fine without the lining being interfaced. One tip on the fusible fleece: cut it a half inch shorter than the pattern height and it'll be easier to fold it over in the last step when you join the lining and exterior.

Wouldn't this make a great baby shower gift?
 Alternate use: all those teeny tiny toys you accumulate as the kiddo gets older, many, many of them.
 For this version I used Essex Linen on the exterior with Home Decor Bond fusible interfacing - this gave it a great crispness with the softness of the fusible fleece - this was my favorite interfacing choice. I used Shape Flex on one side of the divider. I also made this a scrappy basket using four different fabrics on the interior and a contrasting Kona solid on the divider and handles.
 A great way to use some of those precious fabric scraps!
 Alternate use: organize your fabric stash - just so much nicer looking than a pile. Ahem.
Lastly, I used the exterior piece for the lining pattern as well and made this one a non-divided basket. This basket goes together so ridiculously fast. Gray Essex Linen on the exterior of this one and a Kaffe quilting cotton on the inside. Fusible Fleece on the exterior. Great for knitting/crochet supplies.
 Corralling all the stuff for a new project!
 Or, you know, barbie basket. Everyone needs one, right?
I also made a faux-covered handle on this one because I didn't have the right color webbing and I'd do almost anything to not leave the house when it's 38 degrees outside. Want to see how?
 The normal basket handles are 9", in my sample I made them 7" (totally not by accident, just wanted to try out a different length) - make them whatever length you'd like! Cut the exterior handle piece 2" wide and the contrasting handle piece 3" wide.
 Line them up, right sides together and sew the length of the your handle pieces. I used a 1/4" seam allowance.
 Now just kind of roll the extra over to the side you just sewed and sew the remaining long side.
 Iron the seam allowances toward your exterior piece.
 Turn right side out and iron! Voila! A faux-covered handle! You'll feel very clever after this ;-)
Then I sewed along the two (in the ditch if you're a quilter) to give it a more finished look. Use in the pattern just as the other handle pieces. I didn't bother to interface my handle but you could - I'd use Shape Flex and probably just put it on the exterior piece (but you could do either).

Thanks to Anna for having me test this fun pattern!

Go give it and all Anna's other great patterns a look - I hope you enjoy sewing your baskets as much as I enjoyed sewing mine! If you need anymore info or have any questions please feel free to email me and thanks for stopping by :-)

Tomorrow: Scrappy Trip Around the World progress!


  1. These turned out great! LOVE the Kaffe basket.

    I've been hoping she'd write this up since I first saw her version. I love everything she makes. So professionally finished.

    Thanks for sharing these!

  2. oh fun! thanks for testing! you're awesome! and I love how many you made and all your ideas for filling them! :) yay!!!

  3. Thanks for all the tips, Darcy. I bought my pattern last week and have been thinking about interfacing options depending on what fabric weight I go with. This post will come in handy! Your baskets turned out great... I can't believe you made so many!!!

  4. Your Noodlehead tote is SO cute. I need to make one of these, I just bought the pattern :)

  5. Thanks! I used this handle technique for my divided basket. And, yep, I did feel very clever :)


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