Thursday, January 10, 2013

A bag I'm proud of.

It might not look that exciting but this bag completely thrills me because it's the very first ting EVER that I've made without a pattern. Well, except for my own pattern that I wrote out! I'm not a math person, I'm not a fly-by-the-seat-of-my-pants kind of person. I like patterns and tutorials and directions.

But I wanted to make something all my own and I did. It felt GREAT - I love saying YES when someone asks if I've made the bag I'm carrying! I love bags but it's not always in the budget to buy all the cute ones I spy on etsy so I'm on a mission to start making the things I want (as well as supporting shops I love when I can). There are a few changes I'd make in this bag next time but nothing major.

Quilter's Linen on the outside, Washi on the inside - vintage button pin also made by me :-)


  1. Oh I love it! The lining looks so snug and perfect and the button is really cute. Making something of your own is the best feeling!

    Love the blog makeover too!

  2. Awesome accomplishment and it looks terrific! I totally understand the thrill, which is why the triple-zip is so special to me....

  3. Your bag is beautiful. Practical and stylish shape and great fabric choices and detailing. You have every right to feel proud.

  4. Stopping by from Rachel's Handstitched class linky :)Your bag is awesome and a great accomplishment! Love your colors and Washi AND THAT BUTTON- Love!

  5. Super cute!! I love the fabric, especially the interior geometric print. And the stacked buttons are adorable!


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