Thursday, December 13, 2012

Linzer Bars

December is the hardest month to blog about your crafting/sewing because you don't want to risk giving anyway any secrets but baking, well that's another story. I can blog about my baking exploits all day long and people will just be planning their visits :-)

I absolutely love anything almond and Linzer cookies, with their almond and raspberry combination are just sublime to me. But have you ever made them? The "real" Linzer cookies? You have to cut out two cookies for each cookie sandwich and then cut out a "window" (or several small ones) out of the top cookie, then wait for them to cool and blah, blah, blah. It's too much work to even TALK about making them ;-) So I was delighted when I found this bar cookie recipe that replicates all the deliciousness with a fraction of the work.
I feel like I've been saying "I could have eaten the whole pan" a lot lately. Maybe too much. But I share people! I share so I won't eat them all. My brilliant, generous plan ;-)

Linzer Bars
adapted from Cake Mix Cookies by Camilla V. Saulsbury

1 18.25 ounce white (vanilla) cake mix - side note, even though all the name brand cake mixes are shrinking I realized the Kroger brand mixes are still a full 18.25 ounce mix and while the flavor selection is limited the quality seems good. That is all.
1 C finely chopped almonds (I pulse in food processor, then measure)
1/3 C veg. oil
1 egg
2 tsp almond extract
1 12 ounce jar seedless red raspberry jam (I use Smucker's)
 extra sliced (or chopped) almonds for sprinkling on top
powdered sugar

Preheat oven to 350. Foil line a 9x13 pan and spray with Pam or Baker's Joy.

Mix all ingredients together with electric mixer until crumbly. Set aside 1 1/2 C of the crumb mixture. Press the remaining crumbs into the bottom of the pan. Spread raspberry jam over the crust. (TIP: I sometimes buy the 18 ounce jar of jam and use a little extra, totally up to you). Sprinkle the remaining crumbs over the jam layer. I also usually sprinkle some extra sliced almonds on top at this point. It just seems fancier. And yummier.

Bake 25 - 28 minutes or until crumbs are set (firm to the touch). Let cool on a rack before removing from pan. Sprinkle with a dusting of powdered sugar once they're cool. Eat three and give the rest away! Or keep 'em and just go for it. They make a lovely breakfast treat.

Happy Holidays!

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  1. Sharing is good! ;-) I agree about the not being about to blog about your secret projects! Struggling with that right now! ;-) They sound good btw - love linzer anything!


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