Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Is it wrong to play favorites?

With gifts? Because this was hands-down my favorite thing I gave anyone this year. I've been wanting to make some pillows for my sister since she said she liked one I made for myself BUT it took a while to find the right fabrics. Her walls are pale gray and her couch a silvery baby blue, and of course she wanted something that would blend in with the sophisticated color palette she has going on without being too matchy-matchy. So I kept emailing her and texting her photos of fabrics. This one? No. These? No. Those? Maybe but expensive (and I owned none of them). THEN I found this pack of FQ's I'd bought from Pink Chalk a while ago - long enough ago that I can't remember if that tells you anything. I loved these but they aren't really "my" colors and I had no idea what I'd use them for, so they hung out in my stash until that fateful day. "OOH, I LOVE those" she said and I knew I'd found my fabrics. Nine FQ's of the Paradise line from Pat Bravo, which  then mixed with some gorgeous Kaffe shot cottons to stretch them enough to make not only two pillows but also a quilt!

Oh and one of those prints is not like the others...can you spot the one? I think color wise it was spot on though and played really nicely in the mix!
Back was a mixture of three different flannels from Robert Kaufman - I can't enough about how great the quality of these is. Super soft and snugly and no pilling when I washed it. Perfect for a winter lap quilt, to snuggle under on the couch. Straight line quilting on the diagonal and a medium gray Kona binding.
Plus the two originally intended patchwork pillows! I was so happy with how these turned out and my sister seemed equally thrilled and surprised to receive them, always a good feeling when you're giving away something you created. Oh and my fellow quilters will appreciate this - everything here done completely and entirely from my stash!

Hope everyone had a lovely day yesterday and is having a little R&R time today :-)

Also I wanted to say a huge congratulations to Debbie over at A Quilter's Table on winning the  Pink Chalk holiday tutorial contest - it's just fun to see someone so talented and so nice win something that seems well deserved :-) I've been linking up all month (and all year really) with Debbie's Tuesday at the Table - a monthly linky party full of fun food and fabric projects, if you haven't checked it you should!

Back tomorrow with the best/easiest English Muffin Bread recipe - seriously, you'll never eat better toast!


  1. Love the colour combination your sister picked - and your make-up of the quilt and cushions is just beautiful. Can see why these are top of the favourites list...J...

  2. Great quilt! Merry Christmas!

  3. Fun projects! And thanks for your kind shout-out! I really appreciate that.


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