Monday, December 31, 2012

Goodbye and hello!

2012 mini quilts I know you already know it's that time of year - the mosaic review time! They are everywhere in blog land these days :-)

Last year around this time I promised myself that this would be the year that I too would celebrate with a mosaic of all that I'd made in 2012 and I'm happy to be (kind of) meeting that goal. I looked at my flickr photos but since I feel in LOVE with Instagram I've completely neglected flickr, which made it hard to get everything together that I've done in 2012. That's ok. I'm all ready to be better organized for next year. I consider this blog a work in progress and I'm always trying to improve what's going on here - some days it's more obvious than others :-)

I'm also trying to enjoy looking at what everyone else has accomplished this year and not compare my achievements to those of anyone else. It's so easy to fall into that whole of judging yourself and feeling like you're falling flat. Well, it is for me anyway. But I'm trying to appreciate all I did get done and it feels like a lot! Quilts, bags, clothes - even got brave enough to bust out the serger! Went to Sewing Summit and had such a wonderful time. Made quilts and other samples that went to quilt market. Gotten to know new crafty friends. Been motivated to try new things and get better at others. It's been a busy year, a productive year...a wonderful year.

So my goals for 2013? Trying to narrow them down is so hard! Do everything, faster, better, bigger...except no. I'd like to get better at free motion quilting and serging. I'd like to take better photos and post more consistently here. I'd like to finish more projects that I already have the supplies for instead of just continuously adding to the stash and the to-do list. I'm getting a list together and I'm enjoying the process and that is good enough.

Thanks for joining me here - I hope you'll join me for more fabric, food and fun in 2013.
Happy New Year!

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  1. Enjoying the process... cheers to that! Hope you find lots of time to do just that in 2013. :)


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