Friday, December 7, 2012

December Cupboard

Hi and Happy Friday! I've been working on my December decorations little by little this week and I thought I'd go ahead and share. It feels almost done to me - see what you think. My husband made this sign for me, design whiz that he is.
 One of my smokers - maybe next year I'd an all smoker display. I've been collecting them since, well...since a long time ago. Let's just leave it at that. They come from Germany and I just found a site with so many amazing ones - maybe I need to add to my collection (teehee).
 Mini quilt not quite done but I figured if I made you wait until it IS done I'd be showing you the holiday cupboard in January. I was going for a snowflake but I know it's really an asterisk - I just couldn't wrap my brain around the piecing to get it right. I was happy to read that my friend Ali had a similar experience - if she couldn't work it out it probably just can't be done. Cute sparkly reindeer was an ornament from Target this year.
 Another sweet Target ornament - sparkly paper church with the teeny tiniest bottle brush trees.
 Mercury glass tree with a yummy smelling candle inside. Antique mother-of-pearl inlaid angel.
 Winter in Central Park, of course.
I was going for light and airy, silver and what do you think? The wreath on top is a straw wreath wrapped in tinsel. I wanted silver but store I was at had a silvery blue and so I went with it. I'm debating whether the white frame would look better as silver - it seems to get a little lost in there. This isn't normally the color scheme I use at the holidays but it just felt right this year and it's a nice change of pace. Maybe I'll get the mini quilt finished this weekend. Maybe. Whatever happens I'm palnning on finding a bit of time to sew and a LOT of time to relax - hope you do too.


  1. sweet cupboard - I really enjoy these posts! ;-) (I kind of agree about the white frame - esp. since the one on Central Park stands out so much - ?) Tho it's great either way. Love the modern snowflake!

  2. Love your monthly cupboards! This one is so calming and pretty. I love the teensy bottle brush trees on that ornament, what a fun detail! The frame would pop more if it were silver, but having it white does not take away from the look, it's truly lovely!

  3. Love the Central Park photo. Did you take that yourself or did you purchase it?

  4. Love the Central Park photo. Did you take that yourself or did you purchase it?


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