Thursday, December 20, 2012

Color Wheel Quilt

Searching for a few things I can post about this week without giving away any holiday surprises :-) This was a color wheel quilt I made using Rachel's Wheel pattern - you can find it here at Pink Chalk Studio. It's a good pattern for trying out curves if you're looking to build your confidence in that area.
Harper loves rainbows so this first one went in her room and I have another one about half done for my best (art teacher) friend. She already knows so I'm not blowing anything there. It was harder that I expected picking out the colors and getting them to segue nicely but I think it's pretty successful.
The art teacher in me is a little bothered by the fact that there are 16 sections rather than the normal 12 on a traditional color wheel but I fully admit that I'm nutty that way. Otherwise I love it.


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