Friday, November 2, 2012

Sewing Summit, Part 2

 Again, sorry I was too busy to take pictures, maybe next year! But I did want to finish my Sewing Summit wrap-up so I'm going to just plow ahead anyway :-) So the places and the things were great but they didn't hold a candle to the people at Sewing Summit. From the staff who I saw working tirelessly to the speakers and teachers to the other attendees, the people were what made SS so great. I'm normally a stand back and take it all in kind of girl but I found myself talking to people I'd only met online and jumping at the chance to make conversation with people whose work I admire and almost everyone was as warm and cordial and friendly as could be. It's a bit strange to "meet" people in real life that you've only known in the cyber world - there's that awkward moment of saying hello to someone you feel like you know even though you've never met. But there is also something so great about finally being able to have a real conversation and finding that people are as lovely as you hope they will be. The feeling of community that was created through-out the weekend was amazing and will hopefully last and grow.

So the photo above was taken from Amanda Herring's Creative Journey class, which was so motivating.  I no no idea what to expect from the "Creative Journey" classes but I came away enjoying them so much. Hearing about the journeys that others have had is so interesting and I loved feeling like I actually came away knowing those people in a real, personal sense. The other Creative Journey class that was very intimate and fun was led by Lindsay Conner of Craft Buds and Lindsay Sews. Her journey has been one of twists and turns and perseverance.

From these classes (and several others) I came away with the sense that even though we each have a unique path to walk we're all going through many of the same struggles - how to be creative, find balance and enjoy our community in real ways. I think I have more questions than answers but I feel like the questions I'm asking myself are deeper and more meaningful - what do I really want from this blog? what is my time worth and how do I want to spend it? where do I find inspiration, motivation, friendship? how can I find the right path for me? Like I said, I have more questions than answers right now but I'm trying to enjoy the questions and the process of working out the answers.
I was incredibly lucky to meet Ali in Atlanta and she pushed me off the fence about going to Sewing Summit - can't thank her enough for that! Plus as a staff member of SS she seemed to know (and kindly introduce me to) SO many fun and talented people: Terri from Sew Fantastic, Kelly from Kelby Sews, Elena from Hot Pink Stitches, Anna from Noodlehead, Jeni from In Color Order, Megan from Canoe Ridge Creations, Erika from Pink Suede Shoe , Amanda from A Crafty Fox, Amy from Sukie, Don't you know who I am? Elizabeth from Don't Call Me Betsy, Jill from Tabslot - you get the idea right? I also got to meet Debbie from A Quilter's Table and her daughter Rachel from Snippets of SweetnessDi from Random Thoughts: Do or Di, Katy from I'm a Ginger Monkey and Vanessa from LBG Studio. There were so many talented and wonderful people there I can't possibly list them all! Even as I'm typing i'm thinking of more and more wonderful people I met. As great as our sewing community is online, it is a million times more fun in person. Plus, to get to spend a weekend around people who all have the same interesting as you? Awesome.

It was a weekend full of inspiration and fun - because of the people. One of my favorite things was all the conversations that made me feel sane (yes, we all think about writing a fabric "will" instructing our significant other how to handle our rare, HTF and OOP fabrics - teehee) and in good company (it turns out most moms all struggle with when to fit their creative time in without plopping their kids in front of the tv). The abundance of real conversations and honesty were some of my favorite parts of the weekend. I'm thinking about how to keep those conversations happening - I have a few ideas ;-) I'm not sure I've even processed all my thoughts from the weekend but it feels good to share a few of them here. I'll probably share more as I figure it out!

So I came home feeling very full - of inspiration, of friendship, of new knowledge, of questions - and I think we all need to fill the well from time to time. Will I go again next year? I hope so. But no matter what, this year was a great year to be at Sewing Summit.

Have a lovely first weekend in November friends! See you back here next week :-)


  1. So glad you got to go - it sounds amazing. Love that last pic too!

  2. that is the cutest picture ever! so glad you were able to go to summit and have such a great time! xo


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