Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Sewing Summit, Part 1

 I know, I said "tomorrow" and it turned into next week. Oh well - better late than never, right? ;-) So this is the first of two posts in which I'm going to attempt to explain (feebly I'm pretty sure) and share my Sewing Summit experiences. Oh and I realized that I took hardly any photos so there's that. But after reading *many* other posts about SS I know I'm not alone in that! So here goes...first up, the Little America Hotel. This is one of the nicest hotels I've ever been in (and I've been in some swanky hotels - not bragging, just lucky fact for me).
 What I'll remember most, besides the huge, roaring fire in the giant lobby fireplace (even the day it was 82 degrees outside) was the opulence of this place. Every room had a huge, orange chandelier. This was a small one. But there were two this size in that classroom.
This was a BIG one (you already figured that out though, right?). This place is just plush. Fancy brocade wall papers, thick carpets, comfy furniture just welcoming you to sit and rest. The music was 50's crooners and I loved it - think Sinatra type stuff, it fit completely and it was so soothing and lovely. A great choice for a weekend with your kiddos - special and very grown-up.
And because I notice these things, hands down the fanciest bathrooms ever. Anywhere. Period. The kind with marble walls and slatted wooden stall doors that go floor-to-ceiling. I never made it over to the Grand America but I can't even imagine how it could be better than it's little sibling. I didn't snap a picture of any of the bedroom but you can imagine how lovely they are based on these little glimpses. A bargain to stay there at the SS rate for sure!
 I had never been to Salt Lake City, except to change planes at the airport and I was pleasantly surprised at how lovely it was. Even though I was hoping for some cooler Fall-like weather it was about 82 and sunny on Thursday (the Shop Hop day) and it couldn't have been prettier. The shops we went to on the shop hop were all amazing and full of tempting fabric treats plus it was great to get to chat with new friends that you'd only ever known online before. A huge thanks to Nadine from Material Girls for directing our bus driver, coming up with fun games and sharing her amazing store with us!
Finally, the swag. This was from the Salt Lake City Modern Quilt Guild mixer on Friday night. They had a bag like this for every person that RSVP'd PLUS a ton of other giveaways. Talk about making you feel like your hometown guild is inadequate - geez ;-) Sukie and the other girls who organized this were just so generous and fun - fantastic time! This was on top of the bags full of goodies we received at check-in on Thursday - Erin and the Sewing Summit girls moved a literal mountain of stuff to get those bags put together and it was such a great beginning to the weekend. The sponsors of Sewing Summit were extremely generous: patterns, samples, new scissors (thanks Olfa - they're GREAT! using them everyday!) books, magazines - I'm pretty sure I'm not even remembering it all but you get the idea. This about a birthday party goodie bag but on a grown-up scale and full of things you love - whee!

OK, so I think I've covered the place and the stuff - Friday will be part 2: the people. See you then!


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